Sissy Training Assignment from Mistress Tia





Perfume and Heels

The last time I was here we discussed the importance of women’s magazines and why you should purchase them as well as which ones to buy. This time I’m here to further your training in the feminine arts. Now that you’ve noticed the ads that women pay attention to, you’ve looked at the advertisements and probably even smelled all the perfume samples in the couture magazines, haven’t you? Did you enjoy all that girly fun?

It’s time to take your training to the next level. As I’m sure you know, keeping a womanly figure is very important but we all gain and lose a few pounds here and there, don’t we? Well, there are two things that no matter how fat or thin you get you can still wear. They are perfume and shoes. Today we’re going to talk about the first thing on that list.


A woman or sissy girl can never have enough perfume. There are perfumes for every mood and once you delve into the world of scents you may never want to leave, believe me. I personally could spend hours in the perfume section of my local department store.

My favorite time to visit is Christmas because that’s when all the great gift sets are on sale and a girl can get a great bargain on her favorite smells. Valentine’s Day is a great day also and a good reason for a sissy to go perfume shopping. Layering your perfume is very important and another reason you should purchase the scents in a gift pack. Be sure to browse and smell each sample lovingly, as if it were about to be your best friend. You will soon find your signature scent.

Wondering why there are little containers of coffee beans on the counters? These are placed on the counter so that after you have sampled a particular smell with your nose, you can take a whiff of the coffee beans and clear your sense of smell, readying it for the next sample and making it possible for you to fully appreciate each aroma. Choose carefully as this will become your friend, you will wear it closer to you than your panties, dear. You will wear it on your bare skin. So be sure it’s something you can live with.

When you get home with your new essence be sure to prepare yourself carefully. Bathe with a nice soft soap, something that has little or no fragrance. Unless of course you bought the body wash and if you did, good for YOU! Exfoliate your skin carefully with a loofah and shave any naughty parts that might need trimming. Once you are out of your shower or bath and completely dry, start with the lotion. Use it everywhere; it will make you feel smooth and silky all over. But don’t, I repeat, don’t put it on your genitalia, please.

After you have applied your perfumed lotion and your skin is dry, apply your perfume to your pulse points. These are: behind your ears, the sides of your neck, wrists, inside of the elbows and behind your knees. I’m particularly fond of placing a dab on the back of my neck, also. When you are finished you may dress and spritz a little more perfume on your blouse. Perfume has a way of staying in clothing really well, by the way.

Enjoy your search for the perfect bouquet and wear a good perfume with pride. Soon you will have a collection of scents for every girly mood and every femme season Bye for now, Mistress Tia



In order to be a proper sissy you will have to work at it, of course. An educated sissy is a wonderful asset to her mistress and herself. I know you’ve figured out by now you can’t become a sissy overnight, it takes work and practice. With that in mind, I am here to give you a few tips and assignments designed to help you on your quest to becoming a beautiful intelligent sissy.

The first thing I would like you to do is put on your favorite pair of panties and then dress as you normally would. This assignment will require a shopping trip and I want you to feel feminine while you shop. If you want you may also wear a camisole or bra and some stockings. The next thing you will do is head off to your local drugstore or news stand. Actually anywhere that you know they have a great selection of magazines for purchase is fine.

I want you to pick up at least 3 women’s fashion magazines. You will need to choose 3 of these to subscribe to on a monthly basis. Yes, I said subscribe on a monthly basis. You didn’t honestly think this would be a one time study session did you? Even women such as me keep up on the latest fashion and so should you. So pick three from the list below:

Vanity Fair

If you are a younger sissy you might want to include:

Cosmo Girl

Be sure to read each one very thoroughly. You may want to take notes on the ads and fashion tips; this will help you understand what it takes to be a fashionable sissy. Also, if there are quizzes in the magazine, be sure to fill them out. Pay attention to the ads for Clinique, MAC, L’oreal and Dior. You will want to purchase some of those items later, I’m sure. Learn to recognize Prada, Kenneth Cole, Chanel, Gucci, and Calvin Klein without looking for the “label”. This is an art form that a fashionable sensible sissy should know.

Your homework assignment is to have 3 fashion magazines in your possession by the weekend. Next stop will be your local video store. I want you to rent “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” Watch them both while dressed in your best sissy attire. For added fun you can paint your nails while you watch

Mistress Tia