Sissy Training Assignment from Mistress Molly


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In the spirit of Halloween (which is just two weeks away!)
I thought it would be fun to have my sissy sluts and girlie girls celebrate with a fun role play assignment that’s sure to help you flaunt your femininity.  I call this assignment, “What’s your diva style?”

The dictionary definition of a diva is the female lead in an opera.  With the help of many attractive and sexually outspoken entertainers, the term diva has come to mean a  bold, confident, and unapologetic siren who doesn’t mind being called a bitch (or worse).

So, who’s your favorite diva?  Which singer embodies your attitude and sense of style?  Who do you watch on VH1 and MTV, and sit there wishing you could be?  Madonna, with her provocative dance moves and those cone bras?  Mariah Carey, with her tight, skimpy ensembles?  Cher, with her long, silky locks and elegant gowns?  Choose a diva and aquire everything you need to become her: a wig, sexy clothing, high heels,  lots of cosmetics, and more! Don’t you want to make the other sissy sluts and girlie girls jealous?  Then you need to grab your camera and take lots of pictures of your diva poses, or turn on your webcam and perform.  If you’re too shy to show us your diva look, that’s okay, too.  You can grab your mic and sing us a song!  Maybe you can be the next Sissyville star!

The other Sissy School Mistresses and I are looking forward to seeing how glamorous you can get for us.  Have fun!

My sissy sluts and girly girls should know by now that few things get me more excited than shoes and sexy feet.  What woman doesn’t have a shoe fetish of some sort? With fall here and winter just around the corner, it’s time to update your wardrobe with new shoes!

Say buh-bye to your flip flops and get a pair of Mary Janes.  Whether they’re flats or have chunky 4 inch heels, they look adorable with denim, and when paired with some knee socks or thigh high stockings, you’ll be the star of every boy’s school girl fantasies.  Pack away your strappy sandals and get a pair of trendy leather, tweed, or suede pumps.  Maybe you’ve seen Mistress Vivian in her lovely red pumps, and tried to imagine your own feet in them.  Since she probably isn’t willing to give up her shoes, you may as well get your own!  My personal favorite would have to be boots.  Can’t you just see yourself in a mini skirt and thigh high boots, being quite the little cock tease as you find an excuse to bend over in front of a group of hot guys?  Of course you can!

You can easily update your shoe wardrobe while completing other sissy assignments…drop by the salon for a pedicure, buy some new hosiery, purchase new clothes, or practice your girly walk at the mall.   Just be sure to send your pictures and stories to the other Mistresses and I here at sissy school.  Most importantly…have fun!

Sexy sluts at the Laundromat
Being coerced to spend some time at the laundromat a few weeks ago got me thinking; if these pervs are getting excited at the sight of my cute little panties and bras, I wonder what they would think about my sissy sluts showing off their unmentionables? I know how much you want to be a cock tease and show off that pretty panty collection of yours, which is why I’m sending you to the laundromat. Pack everything, from bras and slips to skirts and sun dresses.    

When you arrive, find a nice table to sort everything out. Does it make you nervous to imagine everyone seeing you organize your dirty panties and other clothes? Once you have everything sorted by color and fabric, put everything in the washing machines. When it’s time to put your clothes in the dryer, I want you to hold up each pair of panties and smell the crotch—you have to make sure they are clean! If you have lacy or silky bras and panties, or even some nylons, you better not put them in the dryer! I want you to hang them up on a little laundry cart while you wait for your other things to dry. Just to make sure you are doing things correctly, find an attractive woman to approach and ask. Don’t be shy, sissy girls…say something along the lines of, “Excuse me, ma’am, but how should I dry these panties?”

When your clothes are finished in the dryer, bring them back to your table and take your time folding and organizing them. I want you to have perfect stacks of bras, panties, hosiery, nighties, and other lingerie lined up on your table. Your sexy dresses and other clothes should be on hangers beside your wet panties

I can’t wait to hear about your experience. Don’t forget to tell me, your bratty domme, and the other Phone Mistresses all about it!

Caught up in wearing pretty clothes
So many of my sissy friends get caught up in wearing pretty clothes and having perfect makeup that they forget about the other things that make us superior to boys. That’s why I’m sending you sissy boys and girlie girls out to perfect your girlie walk.

Throw on your sexiest skirt and a pair of high heels, and head to the mall. Sit on a bench for a while and watch the ladies walk by; use the most elegant, confident woman that you see as a muse, and head on into a clothing store of your choice. Find a full length mirror and pose a little bit before you start to walk up and down the aisles and between the clothes racks. Pretend you’re Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks! Show yourself off!

Finally, I want you to walk up to one of the salesgirls or customers, shaking your hips, and ask them what they think of your new girlie walk. Make sure you let the other Phone Mistresses and I know all about your experience. Have fun!