Sissy Training Assignment From Mistress Sophia




Hello there!  Yes, you have returned to the only place you can find the perfect sissy love assignments. We are getting so close to the holidays and I just know all you little sissy sluts need someone to give to. So this is my mission for the holidays – to help you find that someone special to give to. (Well, someone beside me, your one and only Goddess).

Well, lets see . . . one of your first “must haves” for your holiday dating experience is a new sexy wardrobe. Yes, I will recommend plenty of special shops for your every need.

First, we will need hot and sexy lingerie, I know your favorite color is black, but I would like to see you in some pastel lavenders and blues. A sexy bra and panties set with a gorgeous garter and white thigh high ensemble. Four inch patent leather white sexy seductress heels and last but not least a sexy pair of satin gloves. I know they’re kind of retro,  but that’s the look I’m looking for.

This will be your perfect Christmas gift to someone special, someone that you can share your body with. Never your soul, honey – – I have that all wrapped up! You are forever my little sissy slut toy. Don’t worry,  I will be extra gentle around the holidays.  I realize how emotional you can get.

But the minute your last little sissy holiday is over, it’s all back to the normal teasing and pleasing. Well, me teasing and you pleasing *giggles* that works out much better. The last little sissy holiday would be Valentines Day and I can’t wait to get you all dressed up to play on that day. So talk to you soon, sissy slut boy.  Just call me at 800-356-6169 when you’re ready for your sissy shopping day and some pointers on how to be a good sissy slut boy.

Hello there, you little sissy stroker!  Yes,  I’m talking to you! Seems to me you’ve been neglecting your duties and your assignments. I don’t like this, and I will not continue to permit you to try and get over. So sissy up and get busy!  The list is below and I will not put up with sissy slackers!

1. Get waxed NOW! You have been neglecting those special places long enough. I want it as smooth as the day you were born. Yes, that smooth!

2. The pathetic way you have been doing your make-up – back to the mall with you to the make up counter and beg those ladies to help the atrocity you call made up. Maybe they will have mercy on your little sissy ass  (I wouldn’t).

3. There is something so unsexy about your clothes, so a shopping spree is in order. Lots of bright girlie colors, prints and plaids. We want to make a statement.

Ok now these three things, in combination with all the other assignments you have been given, shouldn’t be a problem. And if you don’t have the list, email me for it ( So don’t be a sissy stranger!   Call your sissification expert and don’t be a sissy slacker. Sissy slackers are harshly punished. You may never get to touch that sissy stick ever again if you don’t follow through with your assignments, and oh my,  could you even imagine –  sissy without his sissy stick! So don’t be one of those!  Call  and get right on track with your assignments.

Remember when you were a kid and they had “Take Your Kid To Work Day”? Well this is sorta the same but it’s me taking my favorite sissy to work with me. And well, we will have to determine who is going to be my perfect little worker sissy. Are you ready to take the job on? Well here is a full explanation of your duties while following me in my shoes.

1. Making me breakfast *giggles* not part of the job but just cause I want it:

2. I actually get up and get a nice long hot bath, yes you will have to be sure that all my girlie parts are in perfect condition, how you ask well by cleaning and drying them of course.

3. Have to pick out the best girlie clothes, pink pants with a nice white top with “Princess” across the top. PERFECT! Oh and we have to be sure you are in your pink dress, white patent leather Mary Jane’s with white knee high socks.

4. When I sit at my desk I will need a foot rest, so be sure to take your position under my feet. Light licking only if your a lucky lucy.

5. Last but not least you must take the calls that I am just to busy or just not interested in taking, or the ones that I think a good little sissy like you can do much better (if at all possible) but I do have a few clients that love to hear a whinning little slut puppy like yourself. Well, we need to have a conversation about what it takes to be the perfect little sissy. There will be many assignments and of course plenty of confessing, so don’t be scared to take this journey with your Empress. Come on in, it’s going to be a sissified enjoyable ride.

First things first.  We most definitely have to get rid of that terrible boy name you have;  we need something like Daisy, Tulip, or Precious.  Those would be perfect for you,  of course. Or maybe you’re a Diane, Misty, or Rebecca. *giggles*  Or maybe you’re just a plain ole Jane.Well, we are in for a long journey of assignments and girlie adventures, so get your sexy boots on, girls, and here we go!

First off,  let’s go shopping! Grab up some pretty lacy panties and bras . . . have to take care of the underneath before the outer you. Now make sure you get them to fit, nothing worse than a sissy wearing pretty silky things that are way too small. Now take all that home and get dressed. Yep, get into your new sexy lingerie. Now, right in front of your mirror . . . look at yourself and repeat after me: “Empress Sophia is my Teacher, my Master, my Keeper.” Keep repeating that till you know it and feel it. Always know that I am, and forever will be, the best thing for you.

Now for your third assignment:  pick up the phone and dial 800-356-6169 and devote and commit your little sissy ass to your Goddess NOW!