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A Sissy Shopping Trip with Ms Christine

Ms Christine

What’s more fun than summertime shopping?

Something for the Beach

…or the pool, or just lying around in the backyard. It’s summer, the weather’s getting warmer, and I know that while most of my sissy pets think about panties and bras and corsets, how many of you actually think about things that are practical – like a bathing suit? Well, my pet, that’s what this assignment is all about.

Isn’t it more Humiliating?

I’ve sent you to sex shops, to VS and to shoe stores to buy all kinds of sissy clothes and toys. I think though, that the salespeople in those stores actually expect men to show up on occasion looking to get some things for their feminized lifestyle. This time though, you’re going to go to a department store or a big box store and I want you to buy a women’s bathing suit.

One Piece or Bikini

That’s up to you. Pick out whichever you think would flatter you and make you look and feel sexy when you’re outside getting some sun. I know most of my panty boys are going to gravitate toward bikini’s with skimpy little tops, and string bottoms because they’re just like sissy underwear. All though some of you are a bit shy about it – are you going to go with the one-piece? And the thing about swimsuits is this – you can be a sissy, and you might be able to get clothes that could possibly pass off as men’s – or even hide underneath whatever else you’re wearing. But when you step out in that bathing suit? Well, everyone’s going to know just what kind of gurl you are!


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4 comments to A Sissy Shopping Trip with Ms Christine

  • vanessa

    I love this assignment! Several things stand out to me!

    One: While the assignment didn’t include trying the suit on in the store, I think, it is a must! In my experience in a department store, at least around here, they won’t let you use the women’s changing room! Meaning a long walk from one side of the store to the other! Humiliating, but worth it!

    Two: if the store is busy, there is a chance, more people are going to see you! However, if it is slow, the people who do see you, will most likely, stare and giggle much longer at your expense! Oh my, the choices of when to go!

    Three: it is one thing to shop in the women’s section and to have them giggling at you, it is something else, when you have to walk by a man, with a bikini in your hand so you can try it on! Let’s just say, your sure to learn his stance on gender and sexuality!

    All this may seem humiliating, but most likely, you’ll find yourself masturbating to the memories! It truly is a worthwhile experience! At least, I recommend it!

  • Dena

    I like a one piece suit with a skirt!

  • You are correct vanessa and I think you know me well enough to know that I do love to humiliate most of you.

    But, the truth is, there are some sissies who simply aren’t ready for that and we have to take it slower with them.

    That said, I’d love to watch you sashay across the store with a cute little pink poka-dot bikini in hand, lol… 🙂

  • I’m sure you look lovely with a skirted one-piece on Dena 🙂

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