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Ms. Christine Has a Sissy Dilemma for You

So, This Sissy had a Visitor

Sissy cuckold for Ms Christine

Well…what’s it gonna be sissy?

Well, really it was the Hot Wife of said sissy who had the visitor. And no, not one of her usual Bulls.  It was one of her girlfriends and she stayed for the weekend.  That’s not to say there wasn’t any cuckolding going on!  Those two ladies got dressed to the nines last night and spent a whole night partying – and you know what I mean by partying, don’t you sissy?  They came back after the sun came up this morning, and they looked…disheveled!  I’m sure their “partying” left them hungry, and they left to go get some brunch, without even inviting you along.

A Special Present Left Behind

When you finally drag yourself out of bed, you go into the bathroom, and find her friend’s clothes from last night lying on the floor. A sexy black array of garter straps, black lace thigh highs, a short leather mini-skirt and her stiletto heels. Oh, what a delicious dilemma for you, sissy. What to do? Well, you could tidy up and put them on her bed in the guest room…but you’re not going to, are you?

So Many Nasty Sissy Thoughts

You could just run your hands over them, imagining just how they’d feel on your body, but that’s not enough for you is it?  Do you get naked, kneel on the  floor and jerk off with those silky, lacy things until you cum?  EWWWW, gross!  No, I know what a sissy like you is going to do.  You’re going to slide them on, and then start jerking off.

Which is exactly how they find you when they come home ten minutes later! “See, I told you he was a sissy faggot cuckold!” your wife exclaims to her girlfriend, “I knew we should have brought our dates home last night!” In that moment, you know you’re in for a fun afternoon!

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