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Pantyhose: Five Fun Facts

Just Can’t Get Enough of Those PantyhosePantyhose: A pleasurable experience!

You just can’t help yourselves, can you? Be they secured by lovely, lacy garters, or full coverage with a panty. Your obsession with those sheer, stretchy wonders is unrivaled. Slipping into them leaves you feeling your sexiest and most feminine. This season’s cold calls for pantyhose, so I thought I would give you five fun facts about them to wet your unquenchable thirst for nylons:


First, pantyhose were created by a man. Yes,
it was at the request of his wife, but I can’t help but wonder how often he relished trying them on while developing them.

Second, in the aftermath of World War II, nylon stockings were scarce. Women rioted outside of stores when they ran out. What would you do if you couldn’t get your hands on your very necessary nylons?


Third, though burning your bras may be a right of passage for a t-girl, a lingerie lovin’ t-girl or sissy would never! And I am sure Mother Earth would appreciate it if you took the same attitude about your pantyhose since they release toxic chemicals
when burned.

Fourth, since 1995, women’s pantyhose sales have decreased seventy percent…while sales of men’s pantyhose have increased. Am I the last to know there was such a thing? I thought they were one type fits all.


And last but not least, a whopping two billion pairs of pantyhose are produced each year. I can’t help but wonder how many of them are worn by sissy girls like you?


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3 comments to Pantyhose: Five Fun Facts

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Pantys hose great subject for sissies crossdressing. OMG how i love my hose as a CD sissy or even when i lost desire to be girly. Sometimes that happens when i get into purge mode. Anywho i had knee pain and arthritis and my legg s hurt very badly. So i remembered the support i got on my legs from wearing panty hose so i had my hose in storage. So i decided to buy some new hose and i wore them under blue jeans to do some very hard work also wore knee braces.well it got through the tuff job
    and had my arthritis chevk and got pills for.Since then i have relapsed into gurily mode and wearing panty hose again. They tuckband hide that unwanted bulge when crossdressing. But i live in Florida and panty hose during summer is
    unbearable. I go bare legged in a mini skirt. But it is cold here and i am wearing my hose
    So for CD GIRLS panty hose to hide Ms Clitty and used panty hose made my first breasts forms fill toe area with rice or bird seed to make your size tittys then cut leg of hose tie in a knott and instant inexpensive breast form wear in bra and you have boobies girl

  • Alice Wonder

    Mistress X told me she grew up poor and she and her friends would draw fake seams on the back of their legs to give the impression they were wearing pantyhose.

    Me – I’ve worn pantyhose for a very utilitarian purpose. I like to go looking for snakes and frogs and scorpions and such and that means walking through tall grass. Pantyhose is the absolute best defense at keeping ticks off of the legs. They will crawl up on your legs when walking through the brush, that’s just a reality of the hobby. However when wearing pantyhose they can’t attach to the skin on your legs.

    As far as kink is concerned – when I’m sissified by a Mistress, I confess I really like the idea of being made to wear a short skirt with white pantyhose. When I look at a woman, whatever pantyhose she is wearing is a turn-on but I really like the black fishnet, there’s something slinky about them. But when she has me wearing the pantyhose, I like them to be white – I like to be portrayed as the innocent “good girl” she and her friends are taking advantage of, there’s something really hot about that!

    It’s amazing what pantyhose can do, the message they can portray.

  • Gurly

    I have my own and I can’t live without it

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