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When you were little, weren’t you jealous when the girls in class would pass around those pretty, pink invitations to their slumber parties, but you never got one?  The way they would giggle to each other about all of the fun things they’d do had you feeling sort of left out, didn’t it? 

That’s okay, because you’re going to have your very own slumber party with me, Ms. Molly, and my friends here in Sissyville. *Grin*  
Just because we can’t all snuggle up in one giant bed, or plop down on the same sofa and watch girlie movies together, doesn’t mean we can’t still have our night of fun!

First of all, here’s a brief list of things we’re going to need for our virtual slumber party:

1. Lots, and lots of cosmetics, perfume, and toiletries to play with!  Gather all of your best department store makeup and perfume samples, and visit the beauty supply store the day before to buy everything you need to give yourself a manicure, pedicure, and facial.

2. Movies or television shows that we girls love to watch, but that our boyfriends find annoying.  Personally, I’d choose The Gilmore Girls or Sex in the City. 

3. Something very cute and sexy to wear!  Maybe you’re the type that loves to wear elegant lingerie, paired with stockings and lingerie, or maybe you’re like me and prefer a simple babydoll nightie or pajamas.  Whatever your style, dress to impress!  You never know who might be stopping by…..*evil grin*

Once you have everything that you need, let my friends and I know when you want to have our get-together, and we’ll make it happen.  Our slumber party can last longer than one night, if you’d like (it can be an ongoing affair).  

I can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing! Talk to you soon!


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