MsVivianSissy PJ Party Assignment From Ms. Viv

Happy autumn, dear sissies and crossdressers! I don’t know about y’all, but I am so happy to see cooler weather on the way. I’m about ready to hit the summer sale racks and freshen up my traveling wardrobe for an upcoming vacation in Las Vegas. However, Texas doesn’t give over to fall without a fight. This mature Mistress is going to wait it out in my air conditioned home, till the mercury dips below 80.

Meanwhile, I’ve been catching some new films, and one I watched recently reminded me that Miss Ann is throwing a PJ Party for us girlies on October 4th!


What movie?

“Coco Before Chanel” takes you back to the times when Women truly suffered to be fashionably dressed, covered from neck to shoe, so tightly corseted that fainting could be and was expected.

The movie begins with her lonely childhood, going full circle to her last collection shown in 1954. Focused and driven, she used her beauty and wiles to manipulate her lovers and patrons and gain successes rarely seen in the 20th century female.

Hailed for being the pioneer of wearable clothing, her taste and style can be seen though fashion history and in today’s market. The tailored business suits, made from the softer and less expensive jersey fabrics used in men’s wear, shocked society and changed how women dressed for all time.

What got me to thinking about Miss Ann’s PJ Party was when Coco adopted silk pajamas as her favorite loungewear, and raised sexy PJs to a new fashion height. Well, I thought, I do want something new for the party, I should look for something extra special, which also emulates that bygone era of sumptuous style and grace. Go all out and make this a special day. Go shopping for new sissy panties to mark the occasion, use our sissy makeup guide to add a touch of glamour to your look, and maybe even use this as an opportunity to try a more sissy feminine hairstyle or new wig.

Be sure to come to the party in your best Coco inspired PJs to complete your Sissy PJ Party assignment, and be sure to share pictures of your ensemble!


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