laurensv.jpgAre you a good girl or a bad girl? Do you find yourself drawn to feminine clothing that’s soft and subtle? Or are you the slutty type who craves sleek and sultry silk? Are you an ingenue or a femme fatale? Think about the colors you love. Are they pastel or flamboyant? And the attention you enjoy… do you love light flirtations or down and dirty encounters? Inside every girlie girl, there’s a madonna or a whore, sometimes both. Let’s explore your desires.

Good girls like to dress up, true, but they aren’t out seeking hookups. No, those good girls long for that special man who will treat them like a lady. A variation, of course, is lady in public, whore in the bedroom… what masculine man whouldn’t want that? A girlie girl likes her clothing soft and her makeup subtle. She loves to feel feminine and soft and enjoys gentle experiences that bring her fully into her womanhood. They love men who appreciate their grace, beauty and charm… and those men know just how to seduce a pretty little good girl.

Bad Girls are the polar opposite. These flamboyant girls court male attention. They dress provocatively, to entice, to lure, to seduce. Often, these slutty sissies aren’t picky about their casual partners. They indulge in lots of whorish behavior which leaves them feeling dirty and used… just the way they like it. These girls crave a more aggressive type of male who sometimes takes what he wants. What could be a better pair, one who loves to give with one who loves to take?

So which type of sissy are you, darling? Or are you somewhere in between. Let’s talk about your girlish desires, I love to guide both good and bad girlies toward their ultimate femininity.


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