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MsOliviaDon’t you just love the movie Legally Blonde? WHAT? You’ve NEVER seen it? Well. We’ll just have to DO something about that, won’t we?

Today’s assignment… said, in my most serious Mistressy Voice… is to get ALL DRESSED UP… whatever is YOUR level of all dressed up.

I know that there are different styles of crossdressers and sissies. What I want you to do is go just a bit beyond what is currently comfortable for you. After all, if you’re already doing it, what’s the purpose of an assignment? Right? Good!

If you wear full femme… get all dressed up in your most girly girl outfit… don’t forget your purse because you’ll be going shopping. And, really DRESS girls.

If you aren’t at the place that you are ready to go shopping in FULL FEMME, then I want you to wear as MUCH Femme clothes under your other clothes as you can. And, push the limits… your limits.

If you’re used to wearing panties under your slacks, wear the sexiest panties you have AND pantyhose or stockings. If you’re already used to wearing panties, pantyhose/thigh highs, then add a BRA or slinky camisole under your shirt. You get the idea. PUSH the limits. Maybe wear women’s slacks instead of men’s slacks.

Then when you’re dressed, I want you to go to a video store and tell them you want to rent or buy Legally Blonde. The assignment is to actually SAY THIS to a live person… don’t just walk in a get it…. Go up to the clerk and say, “Excuse me, but I was told that I needed to watch Legally Blonde.” Then, take the movie home. Watch the whole thing. Or if you aren’t able to contain yourself you can always call Me during the movie!

While you’re watching the movie, we’re going to practice the BEND AND SNAP so click below….


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