Being a girl isn’t easy, and I am sure it’s even harder for my beloved sissies.

Perfecting Your Sissy Face

You have to learn about fashion and know what dolman sleeves and cowl necks are. You have to understand lingerie, bra sizes, garters, and appropriate shapeweare to give you that feminine figure.

But one of the most complicated parts of being a woman is understanding your face. Yes, our lovely faces, from the bright engaging eyes, to our smiles– our faces are what a man is looking at across the table at dinner (or so they tell us anyway…lets face it they were looking at our busts first 😉 ). And it’s our faces that attract him to ask us out for that dinner.


Take it from me, my little sissies, you need to understand how to put on your face.

To do this, you must know a wealth of information from the colors such as wisteria and periwinkle to the difference between a stipple and contour brush. You must learn the intricacies of matte and gloss finishes. How to apply a solid foundation for your makeup and how to treat your skin to get that soft feminine feel. And of course you ladies have an additional issue to address and that is your daily stubble, that has to be hidden.

But never fear, my beloved sissies, Empress Ivy is here to help you.


Sissy Help

We have sissy makeup tutorials and sissy makeup tips you can browse. Also, I have found a numerous wonderful websites and videos for you to learn from. All it takes is a bit of research on your part, or you just come to me and I can teach you all you need to know about prepping your beautiful sissy self.

There was one place I found where you can put together your own compact with your colors and learn about the tools and makeup and even read the smart tips at the bottom to learn application tricks.

Develop Your Sissy Face

Your sissy assignment from me is to develop your sissy face and describe it in a comment to this blog. I want to know the makeup and colors you chose and the how you applied them.

If you have questions about your sissy face assignment, give one of the Mistresses a call! I want you to look pretty and I want to give you the tools and knowledge to do that.


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