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Ms Christine

I wanta see your panties…

Your Panties Say a Lot About You

I started out my whole What Kind Of Sissy Are You series with the Panty Boi. Now I want to know, what kind of panty boi are you? I think it all depends on what kinds of panties you wear. What type, what fabric, what color – they all say a lot about you.

What kind?

Do you wear full cut panties, maybe with a control top to keep that beer gut in? Well, all I can say is you’re not a sexy sissy, are you? Are you a Granny Sissy? You must be, you’re wearing granny panties! Now French cut panties – well, I’ll call you a pretty sissy. But, if you want to be a sexy sissy? Well, it’s tanga panties, t-backs and thongs for you. I might even say boy shorts – they’re kind of sexy too. Want to be a slutty sissy? Steal the boxers from the guy you just sucked off, faggot!

What Material

Cotton? Again, not really sexy. Could be pretty though. Spandex – Spanx anyone? – gets you closer to sexy, but you’ll really need lace. And they feel so much different from what you usually wear, don’t they? Oh, you want to go slutty? How about PVC or even leather?

What color?

Are you trying to make me think you’re innocent with that lacy, white thong? Like I’d believe that. Of course, you can go a bit off the beaten track – blue, purple, orange. Pink? Oh, that’s such a pretty color for a sissy, isn’t it. Go for red or black? Well, red tells me you’re a slut, and black tells me you’re going to be a naughty sissy, who just might need a spanking!


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