Goddess LillyLet’s Get You Some Sexy Negligee

If you’ve read Ms. Lilly’s blog – Erotic Phone Mistress – you know what a fetish I have for shoes and lingerie. And, if you’re like most of the other sissies I talk to on a daily basis, you do too. How have you been getting your panties, bras and other unmentionables? Have you been taking the easy way out? Ordering on the internet? Well, I think it’s time for you to take a trip out and actually buy something at a store. It’s your first step to coming out of the closet.

What should we buy?

Well, I think if we’re bringing you out of the closet, we should get you accustomed to wearing sissy clothes without even thinking about it. With the sissies I play with, I find that a good start is with a negligee. We’re going to get you something pretty and frilly that you can wear to bed at night. While you sleep, your body will get used to wearing those silky, soft clothes and your mind will actually start to crave it. And, it will also be a little ritual of slipping into your sissy persona every night.

You Only Need One Nighty

That’s what we’ll start with anyway. You can go to a store that specializes in women’s intimates, or just the Intimate section of a department store. You don’t have to tell the salesgirl you’re shopping for yourself – but if you don’t you’re going to need to come up with a story for why whoever you are shopping for is your exact same size. Of course, you may already know what size you are. In any case, I want you to buy at least one sexy piece of sleepwear – preferably in silk. I said sexy, sissy! So no dowdy nightshirts. I’m thinking something like a babydoll or a chemise.

Keep checking back here at Sissyville for my next post, when I’ll tell you how I want you to wear it from now on….


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