The story of the cuckold husband locked in chastity begins with his feminized sexual roleplay, posted on the Experienced Mistress.

Now, what will this Mistress wife do with this husband locked in chastity? I’ve put him in sissy panties and find that I really like what this does to us both. I decide to turn you into my good little sissy maid and chastity slave.

The changes started gradually.

First the domination — subtle, then more obvious, then he is begging for more. I give him just enough so he knows his place and knows the truth of his role in my life.

He is no longer an Alpha Male. A husband locked in chastity, he is now a panty wearing house and body servant. He thinks THIS is the extent of our erotic games but I know the truth. Our games … MY games … have just begun and we have barely scratched the surface.

I am training him. Molding him with subtle control.

Changing his body (Oh, pet, those aren’t really vitamins. Didn’t you wonder about the mood swings?). I am moving things in the direction I want. THIS is why I married him. I saw potential there. The potential to be a wonderful submissive partner. I am a Femdom and I need a submissive partner so I can express who I am but I don’t want just anyone. I want someone I can create into the image and behavior that thrills us both.

Are you ready to experience your own scene? ~smiles~



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