Breastform TutorialIf You’re Going To Wear A Bra…

You need something to fill it up with.  I love sissy lingerie shopping and having my gurls get fitted for a bra, but before we buy a bra it would make sense to figure out what you’re going to fill it with. While you can use a padded bra to fill things out, you’re going to end up with small breasts – and that’s not something that’s going to attract men to you or make you happy!  So, to fill those sissy bra cups up, you’re going to need breastforms. This brief breastform tutorial will give you a starting point for shopping for your first breastforms.


Picking Out Material

Cheap ones come filled with birdseed –oh that will look attractive, a flock of robins nesting on your breast! – or Styrofoam pellets, or something similar and they don’t feel natural at all.  You really need to spend the money and get some that are filled with latex, silicone or something like memory foam.  When your guy grabs hold of your boobs, he’ll think he’s got a real set of tits in his hands!



Bigger is not always better!  I know, you want DD’s, but they have to fit your frame.  If you’re a slight, effeminate sissy already, those are just going to look out of place if you plan on going out dressed as a sissy!  A B-cup or a C-cup might be exactly what you need.  You know what they say – anything more than a handful – or a mouthful! – is just a waste.  So pick out a size that’s in proportion to your body, and that look and feel natural.  And trust me, your milkshake will bring all the bois to the yard!

After you’ve considered the tips in this breastform tutorial, give your Mistress a call and let us help you shop!


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