Ms Fiona's False Eyelash InstructionsFake Eyelashes for Sissies

Fluttery Fringe Benefits of Falsies; framing those irises in style to “Flash Your Lash”. Want to pair your peepers with fabulous, luscious lashes? Sissies and crossdressers, take a note from classic Hollywood and get doe-like, entrancing eyes.


Items Needed

Mascara – This will act as a bond between your own natural eyelashes and the strip of falsies.

False Eyelash Strips – Human hair is great for sensitive eyes but I prefer synthetic for their durability.

Toothpick – To roll on the glue.

Tweezers (if desired) to grip lashes.

Cuticle Scissors –To trim the excess strip if you find it is longer than your lash-line is.

Eyeliner – To hide the glue “seam”

Paper Plate/something to use as a palate.


First use your fingers or tweezers to gently pull off one strip of lashes from their plastic container. Pulling from the middle is best since it will help the lash stripes maintain their crescent curve that makes their placement over your lash line easier to adhere to. The longer end of the tapered lashes goes to the far corner of your eye and the shorter side of lashes go to the inner corner. Hold the strip over your eye to gauge if there is any excess strip that’s longer than the width of your lash-line. You then can trim any extra of the strip base off. The base is flexible enough that you can gingerly mold it to the shape of your lash-line with your fingers.

Use a dollop of glue –just a dab will do ya- by squeezing a drop onto the plate. Then take your toothpick and paint the glue onto the base of the strip. Pay close attention to the ends of the base. Close your eye and try to relax your lid by not tightly squeezing your eye shut. Hold the lashes just above your real lashes and gently hold them in place. Blink your eye to ensure the glue isn’t getting into your bottom lashes or the eye itself. Let dry for about a minute and a half. Repeat for the other eye and then bat those beauties!


 Fake Eyelashes for Sissies: Extra Tips

– Glue dries clear but you can always use your eyeliner on the inner and outer top and bottom lids.

– Mascara bonds your real lashes with the falsies seamlessly.

– You can use a cotton swab dampened in warm water, eye make-up remover or baby shampoo (no tears) to remove any stray glue. Pat and peel when glue starts to feel less tacky just don’t pull and be gentle.

– It’s better to use an organic adhesive for eyelashes, not glue that comes with the lashes. Investing a few extra $$ now will help in the long run as you’ll find you can get more mileage out of a pair when they aren’t too goopy from glue and it’s important to keep sensitive eyes comfortable and free from irritations.

– Reduce red eye by Visine works well if you find an adjustment period to getting use to your lashes. Just don’t overuse and if your eyes are burning, flush immediately with warm water and take a break from attempting to wear again for a few days. To be on the safe side, you may want to consult an eye specialist before using false lashes again.

– Eyelash curlers are not always necessary, as you’ll find most brands are already pre-curled but it can prove useful for taming tangles of your own lashes spliced in-between.


Once you’ve finished applying your artificial lashes, be sure to check out one of our sissy makeup guides for tips on applying makeup and highlighting your gorgeous eyes.



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