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Ms MarlenaWhat better time to unleash your inner slut?

Unfortunately, not every day is appropriate for fishnet stockings, PVC miniskirts, and long colorful wigs. If you have to deal with the burdensome restrictions of living discreetly, Halloween might offer some respite. After all, what other holiday encourages you to wear the smallest, tightest, and sluttiest outfit you can find? This time of the year is all about sissy humiliation, and I’m dying to hear about your dress up plans!

There are so many choices!

Halloween costume shops are a veritable smörgåsbord of sissy delight. If you’re the frilly sissy type, you might be drawn to costumes of ballerinas, princesses, and fairies! And if you’re a slutty girlie, you’ll probably enjoy…well, anything! Halloween costumes manage to make anything seem slutty, so this holiday is perfect for you! Take advantage of this opportunity to live out your fantasies.

My assignment to you: try on some costumes!

This Halloween season, enjoy some public humiliation as a naughty treat. You will go to a Halloween costume store, and you will pick out three of the most girly costumes available. And be sure, the pretty sales associate will notice that you’re walking into the fitting room with the sluttiest, skimpiest costumes they sell! If you’re really feeling brazen, come out of the fitting room and ask for a second opinion! Even if you can’t buy a costume, you can still endure the humiliation of shopping like a slut in public!

What will you be wearing this Halloween?


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