Sissy takes pleasure looking pretty for Mistress Cindy.You have to admit, you’re jealous of pretty women wearing fancy clothes, aren’t you? You adore wearing lace thong panties, matching bra, frilly little baby doll dresses and sexy fitting dresses that hug your delicious curves.

Oh, and finally, how could I forget?….stiletto heels to lengthen your legs and push out your bust line. The soft, gentle touch of the dainty fabrics on your skin make it difficult and hard to maintain your little sissy composure.

And now, you’re trying to become something of an expert on fashion and make-up?…you go girl! Seeing what you look like with a dress is such a erotic experience you can’t believe your eyes.

You enjoy admiring yourself in the mirror, don’t you? Beholding the reflection of a feminized man looking back at you and exciting you. Now that you have developed such a pretty figure you are ready to show it off.

Girly Rules for Curtsy

Are you ready to learn to curtsy properly? Of course you are. So go ahead, no need to be nervous. Hold the edge of your skirt and put one foot behind the other and dip. What a beautiful  girlish curtsy that was.

You must always remember to do this when greeting your guest because there are no excuses for bad manners! A sissy must not only look beautiful but also be fully versed in proper etiquette.

Okay, it’s time you learn how to apply sissy make-up to enhance your feminine facial features. It can be so much fun picking out shades, especially eye shadow to highlight your eyes, the very windows to your soul.

First, we’ll start off with cream, liquid foundation and powder but make sure you choose a color that looks best for your skin tone…there are so many different shades for you to choose from.

Also, let’s not forget the most girly thing of all, ladies…lipstick! Lipstick makes your lips luscious, pouty and ready for action. Some sissies even tell me that putting on lipstick can feel like rubbing the head of a cock all over one’s lips…isn’t that exciting!

I want you to go out there and get lost in the world of femininity. I want you to fully recognize and appreciate what a delicious creature you truly are…pretty little sissy who’s ready to faithfully serve.


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