A Sissy Wife Needs A Superior Wife

Sissy time with Ms. Christine

From sissy bride to sissy wife…

Every sissy wife needs a superior wife to serve.  I feel so happy for my sissies when they tell me they get to be a sissy full-time at home, because their superior Femdom wife accepts them as they are.  Well, maybe accepts them is really understating them.  Your wife wanted you to be a sissy, and she guided you right along that path, didn’t she?  She sought out a meek, soft spoken, submissive man, that she knew would make the perfect sissy wife!

You’ve Taken To Your Role

Oh, at first it was “Do you know what would be hot?  If you tried on some panties!”, but before you knew it, you were wearing bras and stockings, and she was teaching you how to walk in those high heels.  Of course it wasn’t all about you, though was it?  She let you know that your tiny sissy clit couldn’t satisfy her anymore, so she taught you just how to orally pleasure her and give her as much orgasmic pleasure as she could take!

That’s Not All She Taught You To Do

Of course, taking care of her sexual needs was one important task, but a sissy wife’s work is never done!  A Superior wife shouldn’t have to take care of the house, now should she?  No, that’s your job.  Sure, the cleaning isn’t fun, but you do get to handwash all her lingerie, don’t you?  Does that make your sissy clit hard?  Maybe if you’re really good, she’ll teach you how to use a vibrator next!

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