Constance I am a lover of all sissy girls from the pretty shy sissy to the downright sissy slut and one of the things I love for those sissy girls interested is introducing them to anal sex

Your first time

For many sissy girls the thought of anal sex is scary but think about it as it being your pussy and enjoy a bit of play just by using your fingers gently exploring your tight little rosebud and see if it makes you even more excited. Remember that your first time you should be gentle and easy and use lube!

Sex toys

Now this is a fun part of anal sex for sissy girls. You get to buy some sexy toys, again I suggest you start out small perhaps a pretty pink vibrator that is thin and short. Using lube is so important to have the best experience possible. Tease your tight sissy hole before finally working yourself up so much that you slip it in gently.

Feel like a woman

For many sissy girls feeling like a woman is so important and anal sex, or well fucking your pussy, is the closest you get to it. Enjoy lying on your back like a woman exploring your horny sissy pussy and enjoying the amazing orgasm you can have from sissy anal sex. I think having an orgasm while enjoying some anal play is probably the closest to a female orgasm a sissy can get.

Not sure how to do it

I am always happy to help and guide sissy girls with enjoying their sissy pussy we can start off slow and work your way towards some real fucking. For those of you who have tried it but want to take it to the next level I am happy to really give your sissy pussy a pounding!


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