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Ms. Cindy’s Sissy Cuckold Ready To ExploreMs. Cindy’s Sissy Cuckold Ready To Explore

I guess it’s true about what they say about you…you’re a sissy cuckold who’s desperate for attention.  Is it because your wife is out playing around with her lovers while you’re left at home responsible for daily chores?  Cleaning, washing her panties and organizing her lingerie draw while in a skirt, pink and white, frilly apron with matching panties, thigh-high stockings, pink glossy lipstick and white Mary Jane heels.

As a sissy cuckold, you will need to prepare yourself to feel embarrassment.  No doubt the girls next door will enjoy learning about your submissiveness.  So get ready to share some of your intimate secrets with them.  I think the combination of teasing and the taste of cum on your tongue and lips from feasting on recently-used pussy will cause a swelling in the pink plastic cage you’ve recently confined your cock within.

Perform Your Sissy Duties

You will feel obligated to reciprocate any favors thrown in your general direction and most likely you will be allowed to cum once or twice…maybe!  Understand that the problem here is not worrying about your ability to perform your sissy duties as we already know you can…but can you do them with your wife spreading her legs for other gents.  She decided a while ago she would see other men.  It’s just a bit ironic, however, that the latest peacock is your asshole boss.

You’re hot and horny thinking about the things she will do for him…dirty naughty things that are carnal in thought and primal in behavior.  I’m sure this is turning you on.  He’s the one she wants to fuck.  Oooo….I think your little dicklet is getting hard.  And by the way…your supervisor is hung like a racehorse.

Prance Around In Your Panties

You really should be happy for the couple.  He fucks your wife and gets the pleasure of shooting his load into her while you prance around in panties doing the dusting.  What do you think?  Does that not sum up your life?

Play with yourself…and tell me you want your wife to fuck your boss.  Say to me:  “I want my wife to fuck my boss.”  That’s a good little sissy.  After all, that little dick of yours is no bargain and any woman deserves better.  I suppose lucky for you as she likes you and is willing to keep you around for kicks.

That’s A Good Sissy Cuckold

You are a submissive sissy cuckold and now you’re ready to explore all of your perverse desires.  Keep playing with your penis.  I want to hear you masturbate.  Ahh, that’s it…yes!  I can only imagine how hard you are by now.  You enjoy this…just indulge with that submissive sissy edge of yours.  And if all goes according to plan, it will be the best orgasm you’ve ever

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For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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