Ok, ladies, let’s talk dirty. Dirty lingerie, that is!

We all know how much fun it is to wear our pretty silky things and have a good time, but once we’ve had that good time, what then? Even if you were extra careful, your silky lingerie is still going to need to be cleaned eventually. Genetic girls grow up learning how to handle our delicate lingerie, so it’s time for you to learn how too.

Careful cleaning for your dirty lingerie.There are a few things you’ll need to take good care of your dirty lingerie.

If your lingerie is washing machine safe, (you can check the tag to see if it is or not), you can wash in a mesh bag on the delicate cycle with Woolite detergent. The mesh bag is to help prevent your lingerie from getting tangled into a snarled mess. Woolite makes an excellent delicate detergent that doesn’t change or ruin colors, and won’t harm delicate fabrics.

If you’ve got hand wash only, delicate lingerie, you’re still going to need that Woolite.

For both machine wash and hand wash, use the smallest amount of detergent possible, and the most gentle washing motion possible. If you’re hand washing, apply a tiny amount of detergent to any stain, if needed pre-treat with Woolite directly on the stain, then wash in a sink full of water. Rinse in clear water, but don’t wring out afterwards! Fold your delicate lingerie and press excess water out. If you’ve got silk, you can use a little conditioner to help soften and keep your silks soft.

With either hand or machine washed lingerie, drying works exactly the same way.

Lay flat! You can either invest in one of those handy lingerie drying racks, with the mesh for airflow, or use a clean air filter. Lay your pretty things out flat to dry, never, ever, run them through the dryer. If you run a bra through the dryer you’ll stretch it out and run the risk of bending the underwire. Drying in a machine makes your under things wear out faster, too. I’m serious, lay it all out flat to dry. If you’ve got wrinkles in nightgowns and teddies, an iron on the lowest possible heat setting can help, or lowest possible steam setting with the least pressure imaginable. Burnt silk is not a good thing!

So now you know! How to clean and maintain your delicate lingerie.

Remember to keep your sexy pretty things clean and neat, so you can be your sweetest, sexiest self.


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