Sometimes, it’s impossible to think of herself as ‘manly’.

She knows she has to dress for work and put on those hideous 3 piece suits and ties, but it always feels like it’s a costume; and not a very comfortable one at that. She’s dressing for a role she has to play, and it’s not until she’s back home, men’s wear rags stripped away, and sashaying about in a matching satin & lace bra and panty set with a sheer little lounge robe that she really feels like herself. Dressing in feminine attire is the only way she feels comfortable in her own skin.

The day the closet doors came flying open.

She still remembers with a laugh the day her wife found out. She’d been so careful. Her other half had never found her stash, never saw her panties, never knew she could walk in stilettos without the smallest wobble or break in her stride, and then her wife came home from a business trip early. She panicked, racing into the closet & pulling the doors closed behind her, praying her wife wouldn’t see her as she started stripping down, trying desperately to get out of the lingerie before her wife found her.

Unfortunately, she lost her balance while struggling to get a May Jane strap undone; and crashed into a set of golf clubs, knocking them to the ground & causing a horrible racket. Before she had time to do more than let out a squeak of horror, the closet doors were flung open, & her wife was swinging a lamp base like a baseball bat at her head.

As she blinked up in shocked dismay, her wife froze, lamp dropping limply to her side, staring at her sissy husband in shock before slowly starting to smile.

At first, she figured her wife was just relieved she hadn’t been an intruder, until her spouse told her the real reason for the smile. It turned out her wife had suspected all along, she just hadn’t realized her sissy would look quite so cute in panties with a blonde wig sliding haphazardly off her head.

That day was the beginning of a whole new chapter in their marriage, and the beginning of her adventures as a sissy wife.

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