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Your sissy clitty will be locked in chastity for Ms. Piper!

Poor Little Cock Locked Gurl!

Have you ever wondered why Mistresses want to put a sissy into chastity? It may seem like a shame to lock a naughty little clitty up, but Mistress always has her reasons.

The first reason, and perhaps the best reason, is that chastity makes you a better sissy. You’re more docile, more focused on service, and much less likely to get haughty and sassy. Something about that little key glinting at you around Mistress’ neck keeps you in a frame of mind to be a very good girl.

Chastity also makes your clitty shrink and become more dainty and girly.

Now, I normally keep this little tidbit of information to myself, because most men don’t want their dicks to get smaller and become less functional. But since we’re all girls here, I can let this particular kitty out of the bag. If you want to have a sweet little sissy nubbin, then ask your Mistress to lock your clitty up!

Chastity also reminds a girl of her place. Mistress’ boyfriends have cocks they can stroke at will, and Mistress certainly would never lock up her bull.

A locked sissy cannot ever forget she’s owned and at the mercy of a strong woman.

Whether a sissy has a small penis or whether a sissy simply has a need to be dominated, it can be reassuring to feel the weight of Mistress’ cage on her clitty. The little squeeze is like a little clitty hug, and keeps sissy from feeling unmoored and out of control.

Chastity is actually a very kind and loving gesture of ownership for a very special sissy!


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