Hello, gurls! Miss Rachel thinks about you a lot, you know. I even fantasize about you, usually with a man. I know there are all types of sissies out there, and not all of them are interested in men. Many are interested in men, but don’t want to be a disposable fuck doll (let’s face it, many of you do, and that’s just as hot; no identity policing or kink shaming here).sissygasm

No, some of you fantasize about having a boyfriend, and though your sissy lust is strong, and you long to please him, you also imagine in your fantasies that he will care about your pleasure as well. You fully embrace yourself as a sissy, and you want to be fucked like a girl. But sometimes, you want to be fucked like a girlfriend. Made love to, by someone who is eager to make you cum, too.

You want to have a sissygasm, and you want your boyfriend to be the one to give it to you.

Oh, I can see it now. He knows you’re a sissy, not a cross dresser and not transgender. A sissy. A feminized boy who wants to be as girly as possible, without actually being one. He wouldn’t want you to be anything else. He knows about your little clitty, and that’s the way he thinks of it, a soft little tender place between your legs that he wants to make wet. He knows about your pussy, and thinks of it as one, too. It’s just a little further back than that of other girls.

Your perky little sissy titties, whether in truth you’re flat-chested, slightly hormonally-enhanced, or just naturally juicy because you like to eat treats, are perfect for him. And you have worked hard on making your skin silky smooth and hairless, your makeup flawless, your hair sweet-smelling and pretty. He knew you were a sissy the first time he saw you, and wanted you not for a night, but for a girlfriend.sissygasm

He took you on dates. He brought you flowers and other little romantic gifts. He pulled you close and put his arm around you in the front seat of the car. For a long time, he kissed you goodnight at the end of a date, and left it at that, though you were ready for more.

One night, your hand shyly went down to the long, rigid bulge in his pants, and the feel of it throbbing as you rubbed it took your breath away. He moaned into your mouth as you kissed, but gently moved your hand after a few minutes.

“But I want you,” you said. You could feel the ache in your sissy pussy that you knew only his cock could soothe.

“I want you too,” he replied, gazing into your eyes, “But I want it to be special. Not in a car.”

So you waited. And finally, the day came. He called, and in a voice thick with lust, he said “I want you so badly. Can I see you Saturday night?”

Your heart and your g-spot throbbed, and you whispered, “Please, yes.”

How does it happen from there, sissy girlfriend? Listen in, and I’ll tell you how I imagine it. This is a much longer audio than I usually record for blog posts like this, but it’s one of My favorite fantasies, so I hope you don’t mind Me indulging Myself, and you!


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