Surrender to the Feminine Lifestyle

Ready to have your masculinity defeated? It’s a fight you’ve been in for almost your entire life. The social pressure of being “manly” as opposed to your “delicate” nature, which is better suited to a feminine lifestyle.

It’s amazing how long this internal struggle has been with you despite your awareness that femininity is more natural and comfortable for you.

Mistress Knows Best

Your Mistress is here to help you with this struggle. She knows your feminine nature better than you do as she has a lifetime of female experiences to fall back on.

It is important, however, that you understand that leaving the decisions of your feminization to your Mistress will deprive you of all power. It belongs to your Mistress, not to you!

Currently, there are more men than ever who wish to be sissified, feminized and dominated. So you should feel fortunate you are part of this post-modern movement.

Be Open and Honest

Nevertheless, that brings me to an important point…a submissive man must be self-aware and honest with his Mistress. There are more sissy-wannabes than Mistresses, so you need to be careful, as it is a buyer’s market out there. Don’t try to sell me false desires.

In the end, I want you to relax…there is no shame in having fetishes that must be satisfied. Your feminization Mistress awaits you and will help end that tedious struggle you have grown so weary of.


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