Where You See Failure, I See a Sexy Sissy Opportunity

Hope you are ready to accept a change in status, young man! You see, primates like you and I separate ourselves into hierarchies. Sexual prowess, particularly for the man, is rewarded by moving up the ladder. Incompetence, particularly sexual ineptitude, is punishable by falling down the very same social ladder.

I know you’ve been trying your best, but unfortunately, there are no rewards for effort…just success.

But fear not, and do not feel disappointed as you are just the type of man we seek here in the Enchantrix Empire. You are welcomed here with open arms and the threat of our heel on your neck should you misbehave. You are no longer able to fulfill a man’s role and are therefore assigned a Mistress to help teach you how to satisfy a woman given your limited means and insight.

From now on, you will dress in appropriate attire…no more man-clothes for you. I want to see you dressed like the sissy slut I know you yearn to be. Your cock and balls will be securely tied and knotted as they are of little use to you. You will be taught feminine mannerisms, comportment as well as trained in the art of seducing real men and giving them good head.

So, for some of you, a whole new sexy world has opened up. For others, a reminder that your place is at your feminization Mistress’s side where she can keep a close eye on you and make sure those wandering hands of yours behave.


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