Sissies need some cute panties for spring.

I can practically feel spring coming. And you know that means I’m already planning for my sissies to get some nice pampering time at the spa. Well, if I’m gonna pamper your toes and get your fingernails done, I’m gonna go ahead and sign you up for a wax. Bikini wax! Let’s get you smooth and sleek down there, and then adorn that cute tush with some spring time sissy panties. Panties for spring, just like flowers and cute baby birds.

When a cute sissy needs panties for spring, there’s nothing like a shopping spree.

sissy panties for spring800 356 6169Let’s hit the mall, and go to all the hot stores. See, sissy, I don’t know if you need a thong or some cheekies, so we’ll just have to try all the styles and colors on. And you know my girl Vicky has a secret for you, so let’s go and try one of everything. Panties for spring shopping spree!!! We’ll do mimosas and get waxed, and then try on everything. I fully plan to have you leave the mall loaded down with fifteen cute little bags full of girly goodness. We’re gonna ring in the warming spring in style!

So what’s your favorite style of sissy pantie?

I like high cut briefs, personally. For myself as well as for my sissies! I love the coverage over the butt, the look of the front with that nice panel and then the high cut leg to really show off the top of the thigh. Maybe a little ribbon or lace trim, toss a bow on there, and perfection. The hot colors for this coming season are vibrant teals and dreamy yellows, so get your panties for spring and make sure they’re in fashion-forward tones. Wouldn’t you love to hit the mall with me, and pick up some adorable panties to strut your sweet sissy ass in?



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