I’ve met a lot of sweet sissies online.

And nearly all of them have told me about a couple of problems they’ve faced. Sissies in the real world often purge their sissy things! Either a sudden upswing of shame and humiliation leads them to toss out all their pretties and rededicate themselves to being manly men, or a fear of being caught, or a desire to please a partner who isn’t into their hobby, all leading to the tragedy that is the ‘purge.’ I’ve also heard from sissies online who’ve told me that they wish they could dress up pretty, but that they just don’t look ‘right.’ The desire to be pretty and femme can be difficult when you’re over six feet with a hairy chest and Adam’s apple.

Well, sissies, I’ve got possibly the best solution ever to your problems!

Harper in the Virtual World 800 539 4566 sissies onlineLet’s throw some technology at it! I’m a huge fan of using the peak of human ingenuity to solve pesky problems. Always late? Set alarms and reminders on your smartphone! Trouble communicating with the landscaper because you took French and he speaks Spanish? Online translation program to the rescue! Want a huge cute sissy wardrobe and sexy body, but born with the anatomy of a linebacker? Welcome to the Virtual World. That’s right; sissies online can be exactly how they envision themselves to be, with the biggest, sexiest wardrobe ever!

If you’re interested in exploring the world of virtual sissy games, there’s a super simple way to go about it.

All you have to do is make an account, download a viewer, and then let us know you’d like help. Voila. We’ll pop you over to the private island and play dress up with you! We can go shopping, out to eat, dancing at clubs, and even go scope out the glory holes. Online, I have a strap on just for sissies that shoot virtual cum loads all over the place, and a lovely bed to bend you over and make you scream. If your sissy life hasn’t been filled with a lot of fun and games, clearly you need to explore the world of the sissies online.


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