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Are you a pantie wearing sissy?

If you’ve never tried wearing panties, I have exactly one question for you: why the fuck not?!!! There is nothing sexier in this world than a pantie wearing sissy. I am out, proud, and unashamed of my downright love for males in panties. Give me a cute pantie boi or a sissy in a bikini cut full coverage high waisted pantie, and I am a happy woman. What in the actual hell are you waiting for, sissy? An engraved invitation? Fuck it, consider this your invite to the world of sexy lingerie and silky underthings. Throw those ugly man panties away, and get with the feminization program here.

Sissies like you need to be wearing some cute panties.

pantie wearing sissy 800 356 6169It’s such an essential part of being a feminized sissy that I’m always shocked at a femme who refuses to wear even the tamest of cotton-poly blend boy shorts. “Pantie wearing sissy” is the best phrase ever, because it describes a sissy who knows that they deserve to wear the silkiest of pretty panties and bras, a sissy who understands that they’re meant to be cute and fuckable in adorable panties! If you dare to think that you can be a sissy without jumping your cute ass into some silky panties, sister do I have some words for you. Sissies need panties, the way Mistress Ryan needs her coffee, or Daphne needs a medical play slut. C’mon! Essentials of life here!

No matter what kind of sissy you are, panties are required.Harper 1 800 356 6169 slutty sexy

Pantie wearing sissy, get your adorable little slutty ass over here because there’s something about a slut in panties that just plain works for me. I love the way you look in your cute panties, and if you keep this up, you’re going to get introduced to my strap-on cock, because that cute ass of yours needs some attention… Wear your panties with pride, my slutty sissies, because they look damn hot on you, and you know that prancing around looking so damn good is the fastest way to my silicone dick!



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