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The foundation makes the girl. It also makes the sissy, the crossdresser, the gurl. I’m going far deeper than panties, bras, and corsets. I’m talking about breast forms and hip pads that sculpt and create the perfect hourglass figure.

Last week Marie, a transgender gurl who does Skype calls with me, sent me information on the best silicone hip pads and silicone breast forms on the market. Pricey yes, but of great quality by DressTech. Both hip pads and breast forms should be in every gurl’s closet. Now that you know where to go, let’s talk about how these items empower a gurl.

Transgenders love the curves without the telltale lines and bumps. Spandex dresses on a sissy require the perfect hourglass figure, especially in a pretty light pink. Slut wear in tight red do as well, and nothing says slut more than a red and black tight mini dress. I advise a black lace cover on top of the scoop neck dress to hide the lines of breast forms depending on the type of forms you have.

I believe in spending more for your foundations. It’s like a skin cream. You don’t want inferior brands of anything. Affirm and intend that you will never purge. Spend more, and you will think twice about purging. This was told to me by a sissy crossdresser who has never purged because she understood her true nature. She knew how to diminish her shoulders by wearing hip pads, breast forms, and waist cinchers.

Now for the truth. You want to look your best to attract that dominant male who will sweep you off of your feet. The sissy tranny who looks and tries her best at attracting that male with the big cock will get the prize. Gear up with the best blow job toys for practice makes perfect man magnet prize. Happy hunting, ladies.

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