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Sissy Training: Bimboism

The dumb sissy, the naive sissy, the confused sissy, can all be grouped into the bimbo school. Often too, a sissy may be brilliant who loves to play the bimbo role. Have fun with it I say. You need a Mistress to sharpen your skills in bimboism with lots of slutty overtones.

Bimbo Sissy Persona

The bimbo sissy MUST work on her voice, like about ten octaves. I suggest an intense study in Betty Boop or early Marilyn Monroe. The bimbo sissy MUST work on her walk. Again, the best in history has to be Marilyn in Some Like It Hot. She was famed for cutting 1/4 inch off of one heel to achieve that walk, so it is said. The bimbo sissy must collect a wardrobe full of seductive clothes including costumes such as ballerina, cheerleader, schoolgirl, and stripper. The bimbo sissy is a drama queen and she needs costumes to match her moods.


A sissy bimbo can be a chore for a Mistress. She may as well have a pink riding crop to correct all of the blunders to come. It will be like a class room of how to do all of the above mentioned. There will be shopping trips to the lingerie store, to the “toy” store for the latest in dildos and butt plugs. Assignments such as Mall outings, pedicures, manicures, hair salon visits, and of course the waxing salon. You will be totally made over, and most importantly… that wide eyed dumb sissy look must be achieved and in constant use.


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