What’s up gurly bois and sissies. My name is Duchess Willow, and I want all of you lil femme queens to have a hot gurl summer. Hot gurl summer for sissies is all about living your best life and doing the things that make you feel girly and slutty. This ebony femdom knows that you have naughty desires of the cock sucking, dick riding variety. Here’s some tips from the Ebony Queen to keep you feeling sissy sexy, and ready to ride a dick.

Hot Gurl Summer

First off, make sure your body is bikini ready. A hot gurl summer just isn’t the same unless you can show off in a skimpy swimsuit. So book a trip to the salon and get that full body wax, and mani-pedi. Next time to search for the perfect sissy swimwear. The best part isn’t finding your ideal bathing suit, it’s trying them on. So pick out a few, sashay that sweet ass into the dressing room, and model for me. I’m a very good judge of what colors suit your skin and makes that sissy ass look delicious and ready for cock.

Sissy that Walk

Wait a minute. You don’t think I’m going to let you off easy, sissy.. do you? If you want a sissy hot gurl summer, you are going to have to sissy that walk. That means heels higher than god, a twitch when you walk, and a slutty bend over, nice and slow. Your look must be approved by me, and my dick. So if you can take dick while wearing heels and a bikini, you will earn hot gurl summer status, and have a stamp of approval on your pussy. You will not fail me, and when you’ve completed your tasks, you will continue your training with me, by calling 1-800-601-6975 for ebony femdom phone sex and asking to speak with Duchess Willow. You don’t have to ask me permission, this is your permission. Peace and blessings, sissy bitches.

Duchess Willow


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