I do love me some panties for sissies.

panties for sissies 800 356 6169Did you know that if you wanted, you could get your hands on some of MY panties? If you, like me, love panties for sissies, but want the added edge of putting on your Mistress’ panties and prancing your cute ass around in them, you should call or email me to find out more. I really do want to see you in my panties! I think sissies need panties the same way we all need air to breathe… you need panties of your very own, darling! Whether you get those panties by running your wee self over to the local mall to hit the secret lair of the lingerie vendors, or pick yours up online from retailer’s websites, or go the extra mile to get fancy panties from your fave Mistress, you NEED panties!

I know, not everyone likes to play around with panties.

But honestly, you should. I’ve seen the monstrous things marketed as ‘men’s underwear’, and, frankly, that’s atrocious. You deserve better! You deserve soft fabric and cute lines, patterns and colors, and not those hideous garments laughingly called underwear. If you wear tightie whiteys, you need to set those things on fire, stat. Just burn them all and make the switch to something far more comfortable! I’m an advocate and evangelical for panties for sissies.

Set aside your worries about whether you’re a ‘real man’ for wearing panties.

panties for sissies 800 601 7259You and only you are the final arbiter of whether or not you’re a man. You get to decide what your gender journey looks like, and you get to pick what sorts of special clothes you wear in your travels through life. Life is short, and often full of cruel injustice and discomfort. Why punish yourself with terrible scratchy and ugly underthings, when you could indulge in panties for sissies and live your life in happiness and bliss! Go for it! Try some panties, see how you feel in them, and then revel, darlings. (I suggest high leg bikini style, as they’re comfortable, cover everything you need covered, come in amazing patterns and colors, and are super soft. They’re the best transitional panty for those who’re used to ‘man panties’.)


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