For so many sissies, just getting started with feminization is a challenge. What does one do first? Buy lipstick? A wig? Heels?

Let’s talk about the different paths one can take in order to fulfill your sissy needs and desires.


Starting With…

… panties! So many girls really do start with panties. Perhaps you wore someone’s at some point in your life, and now that you are on your own you need your own size and to figure out what types you like. If you haven’t already, check out our sissy panty guide to familiarize yourself with the different cuts, fabrics, and fits.



Finding the right size can be trial and error, so get yourself some really cheap panties at first while you are figuring out your size. Hopefully it can help you, too!


What About Stockings?

What is nice about panties and now stockings for sissies is they can be worn under regular drab (men’s) clothing while you work or hang around the house with folks. Of course, many people are extremely nervous about wearing women’s pretties underneath their drab clothes for fear of being found out, but others, tired of hiding every little part of themselves FROM themselves venture forth and just go for it.



Of course, it looks better when you shave!



Delightfully, men wear makeup a lot of the time now. Not sissy-men, but men men. So you looking for it in the store really isn’t that big of a deal. Unless, of course, you are buying red lipstick! Then it becomes a little more obvious. BUT, you can always say it is for your wife/girlfriend/partner if you are still learning how to buy things in a store. Do not be afraid! Be brave!


Email me and tell me what you want to learn how to buy to feminize yourself! I will write more tutorials on getting started with feminization in the near future.

Be beautiful!


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