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All sissies need assignments and discipline.  The type of assignments and methods of discipline vary from sissy to sissy, but assignment and discipline are two requirements in any sissy transformation.

The reason for this is because daily assignments from a Mistress are designed to condition you and gradually move you down the sissy path.  If left to your own devices, you will haphazardly pick and choose what sissy assignments you want to do (or not do), and if you don’t follow through with them, there are no repercussions. This stalls the feminization process and keeps you from ever becoming the true sissy of your dreams.  Discipline (or at the very least, the threat of discipline) is necessary to keep you in line and ensure you don’t stray from the feminization path.


Sissy Assignment Types

There are many different types of sissy assignments, and all serve a purpose.  There will be times your Sissy School Mistress will give you an assignment that may not seem relevant, but don’t question it.  She knows exactly what you need, even when you don’t.  Not to mention, if you question her motives or why a particular assignment is necessary, you will be disciplined.

Some of your assignments will be geared toward serving your Mistress while others will be geared toward improving your sissy self.  Depending on your sissy desires, your assignments may be anything from being a good sissy maid and serving Mistress and her friends to learning to deep throat a cock so you can be a good sissy slut, and many things in between.

As a submissive sissy, it is your place to commit to serving your Mistress and pleasing her by completing the assignments and tasks she requests of you.  Failure to complete the tasks and assignments or balking and trying to get around having to do them is cause for discipline and punishment.

Types of Sissy Discipline

There are many different types of discipline for sissies, though almost all sissies deserve a good spanking now and again to keep them in line.  In addition to the spankings, other more specific punishments will likely apply for disobedient sissies.  There are as many types of sissy discipline as there are types of sissies.

If you are a sissy who craves a good spanking, your punishment for being a disobedient sissy may be that you don’t get any spankings at all. How disappointing that would be!

Finding the Right Sissy School Mistress for You

A quick look around the Sissy School and you will notice each sissy Mistress has her unique style and expectations.  Not every Mistress will be a good fit for you, so it is important to do your homework by reading each of the sissy Mistress bios, going to the blog of each Mistress, and reading all of her feminization articles.

The sound of her voice is also very important, so you’ll want to listen to all of her audios and check out anything she may have posted on the GetGirlie Feminization Forum.  If you’ve done all of this and are still unsure which feminization Mistress may be right for you, visit to fill out a questionnaire and have one of our Sissy School concierges match you with the Mistress she feels would be the best fit for you.

Be Open and Honest; Tell Your Mistress You Want to be a Sissy and Why

It is important to have conversations with your feminization Mistress surrounding what prompted you to want to be a sissy and why you feel this is the path you’d like to take.  Your Mistress will also want to gauge your level of commitment and learn the extent of feminization you desire so she can tailor your assignments and discipline according to your needs.

Sissy Assignment Calendar

No matter who you choose as your Sissy Training Mistress, if you are just beginning to realize your sissy desires or even if you are already an established sissy, you can find assignments on the Sissy Assignment Calendar that will help you reach your sissy goals and make you the best sissy you can possibly be.

The calendar is for January 2020, so you’ll want to hurry up and purchase it so you can get started right away! An added benefit is that since we are already in January, the calendar is now marked down from $28 to $20.  Better hurry on over and get your Sissy Assignment Calendar today, before it’s too late!

Until next time, sissy pets~

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