Welcome To Your New Life sissy gurl. Mistress Erika here bringing you some sissification news! The Sexy Mistress Olivia and I have a Sissy Challenge for you! We know you crave to be more feminine, and more sissy! So we put our sexy heads together, we had a lot of fun, and worked very hard to create a series of sexy sissy tasks for you ! When you complete our challenge you will feel and be more sissy and fem than ever before! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we created this challenge!

Sissy Challenge

Olivia and erika

Who Can Benefit from a Sissy Challenge

Sissy training is much like Feminization training. But with an added slutty element! Certainly there are those who are interested in Feminization and like to be called a sissy, but more times than not being a sissy is on an entirely different level.

Those interested in Feminization may identify differently even though the have the same desires for feminization. Feminization terminology helps us understand the various reasons behind someone wanting to be feminized. This includes transgender, cross-dresser , and even those who identify as a sissy.

But when you want to get naughty, and learn how to be a good sissy in all her glory we’ve made a sissy challenge geared to most sissy desires. Namely Ass play (also known as pussy play) and strap-on and for some cock play! These elements certainly move beyond feminization, and skills every sissy gurl needs!

Why a Sissy Challenge

We know exploring your sissy desires may be daunting for many. Perhaps you are just beginning to explore your inner sissy slut, maybe you’ve been going it alone for so long you are in a rut, or not achieving the results you desire. We are in tune with your needs and that is why we embarked on this arduous but very much needed project!

What Can You Expect with Your Sissy Challenge

Sissy Challenge

18+ Sissy Challenge

We have 30 days of sissy tasks! You do not have to follow a calendar month start whenever you like! You will receive a 30 day calendar with your tasks listed, and an accompanying instruction list filled with details! We were having so much fun all of the tasks couldn’t FIT in a 30 day calendar! So we have an added 22 bonus tasks! Wow! 52 Tasks, for only $64.00 ,that’s under $2.00 a day/ task!

Very affordable for any budget. Check out our sissy task offering over at our Phone Sex Assignment Store

What Kind of Sissy Tasks are There

A sample of tasks are: Lips on the down lo, Sissy is what sissy does, gag reflex training, and come on and lube it lube it! With just these few examples your sissy self blooms! Not only is your mind and body changing to a more sissy way of life but you are pleasing Mistress with your obedience! Beam with pride as you make Mistress proud with each successful task!

Many tasks have accompanying links to articles or video’s for you to peruse along with your task!

Advanced Sissy Training

For some all you, all you will need are these sexy sissy tasks! For others it was just enough to crave more! Okay, if I’m being honest that’s going to be MOST Of you! That’s right you will be wanting more more more! That’s where we can help! Since the tasks are very generic you will benefit from some private one on one sissy training! We can administer “specific to you” tasks, considering your boundaries and budget!

So when you are ready you will call one or both of us to customize training for your specific needs, and report to us about your experience with our sissy challenge!

Contacting Your Sissyfication Mistress

It’s easy to connect with us! Check out our blogs: Intelligent Phone Fantasy and Experienced Mistress! Now, ladies don’t let another day pass you by without being all the woman you can be!

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