Hi, girls! Happy Sissy Sizzling Summer!

You may have noticed we have a Sizzling Summer Promotion happening. Call any participating Mistresses and get entered to win a free phone sex session with one of the ladies. In honor of the promotion, I have come up with some sexy sissy assignments for you to complete before summer is over.

Sissy Sizzling Summer Skin

To get sexy sissy summer skin, you will need to do some skincare and shaving. Sissy girls should always have soft, smooth skin. No hairy legs for our sissy girls. Your first step is to get that hair wet the best time to shave is right after a shower. Your skin will be warm and moist and the hair soft. Use your favorite shaving cream or gel ( pick out a woman’s brand) and shave in the direction the hair grows. Once you are shaved smooth, time for some lotion, be sure to moisturize that skin, girls.

Sissy Tanning

Once you have shaved, it is time to get some color on that skin. You can do this by laying out in the sun but protect yourself with sunscreen. Next, wear a bikini or swimsuit to create those sexy sissy tan lines. If you can’t wear a bikini or women’s swimsuit, put on a tank top and short shorts or roll up your shorts and tank to expose more skin.

If you can not lay out in the sun for any reason, a variety of self-tanners on the market would work great. Wearing the same feminine things, such as a bathing suit, will still create those sissy tan lines and make your sissy sizzling summer skin glow.

Sissy Sizzling Summer Wardrobe

To go with your sexy sissy skin and sun-kissed glow, you need sexy sissy outfits. Sun dresses are fun, flirty, and sexy. Short shorts and cute tank tops are perfect. Halter tops and skirts will show off that sexy sissy skin and give you a little pep in your step. Be bold, be colorful; after all, it is summer and time to shine, girls!

Along with your outfit, you need cute shoes, and flip-flops are a must-have for summer. You can also get some cute strappy sandals. No matter what you choose for your sissy footwear, you should be sure that your toes are freshly painted and look pretty. All genders are welcome at almost any salon, so don’t be shy; get those nails done, girls.

Looking Summer-ready; Time to Show Off

Now that you have gotten your skin shaved and smooth. You have a cute outfit and your nails painted. Time to show off your sexy sissy sizzling summer look to your favorite Mistress.

When calling one of the participating Mistresses for 30 minutes or longer, you can get entered into the drawing. Think about it 30 minutes dolled up looking sexy for summer. The Mistress can give you tips and share your excitement of being dressed and looking sexy. She can also assign you things to do for future calls, and if you are one of the lucky winners of the drawing, 20 minutes of that next call will be free with the Mistress you won a call with!

Sissy Sizzling Summer




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