Sissy Tradwives

I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world I’m about to combine such diametrically opposed things as sissies and tradwives. Oh wait, you’re not. Is it because you’re not sure what a tradwife is? Brace yourself, I’m about to explain it to you, and blow your mind. Sissy Tradwives isn’t that odd of an idea once you really understand what’s driving the “Traditional Wife” movement, and how it’s an aesthetic that appeals to a sense of nostalgia for a lost way of life. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go define a few terms, shall we?

What in the world is a “Traditional Wife”?!

Sissy Tradwives Harper 601 7259There is a movement in modern life in which some women choose to reject the precepts of feminism and instead embrace what they call a ‘traditional’ feminine life. Tradwives are women who seek to replicate a specific phase in US and British history, in which unprecedented prosperity allowed families to have a single income, women did not work, and an idyllic home life featuring a stay-at-home wife was the goal. A traditional wife would keep the house, raise any offspring, cook fresh and fulfilling meals every day, bake and can and preserve foods for the future, and generally be as submissive to the Man of the House as she possibly could. In modern days, the ‘tradwife’ philosophy has spread via social media posts extolling a nostalgic return to a so-called ‘simpler time’.

How does a Tradwife life intersect with Sissies?

If you’re a sissy of a certain age, I’m sure you’ve played with the idea of going back in time to replicate the sort of life you may have seen your own family members living. How many sissies love the same style of lingerie that they first saw during their formative years? Vintage lingerie and styles are a huge hit with many sissies, who crave to recreate the sorts of scenarios they first experienced second hand. From high waist full coverage panty styles with matching full cup nearly conical bras, to cute Peter Pan necklines on 1950’s and 60’s style dresses, and, of course, the single strand of pearls just like June Cleaver, many sissies dress in a style that highly recalls the aesthetic and oeuvre of their own formative years.

The roleplay scenario for many sissies also features elements of the modern tradwife’s ideal life!

Imagine a life in which all you have to do is keep the house up to standard, cook a nice meal, and welcome your man home when he’s done with work. Fetch him his slippers, and pour him a nice glass of bourbon, then sit across the table from him while he has his dinner. Of course, all the wifely duties would be yours, after you wash the dishes and dry and put them away, of course. He can sit in the den and watch the evening news while you finish polishing the counter tops! And finish off your evening that night in the bedroom, being an eager and willing plaything for the Man of the House, doing absolutely everything he requires of you. A good sissy wife, after all, always kneels for the Man of the House, and takes him eagerly and happily into her mouth, and then her eager sopping cunt.

I’ll give you three guesses how much that sissy fantasy differs from the tradwife’s ideal life…

Call Mistress Harper to discuss your sissy tradwife fantasty! 800 601 6975If you’d like to experience the Sissy Tradwives perfect life, you should call me up. I’d love to let you experience every reality-based iota of the life of a woman in the 1950’s, from panties to cock sucking at night. Now, if you think all women should live like this? How in the world would you ever be able to call me to fulfill your fantasies if I were living a traditional wifely life? No, sweetie, you can be the good little wife and take on all the housework, chores, and cooking duties, as well as the sexual servitude you crave so deeply. I can be the Man of the House, after all, I do have a lovely strap-on cock, and I bet you’d look lovely on your knees for me.

Your very understanding Sissy Tradwives Mistress, Harper



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