When it comes to sissies, sometimes it’s valuable to practice some orgasm denial. I know, I can hear the groans of disappointment and sadness from here, but trust me on this: denying you the relief of an orgasm can effect so much of your sissy behavior in positive ways! Sissies that are horny and pent up can be a lot of fun to tease because they become so very eager to please. A sissy that hasn’t had a good orgasm in a while will be willing to push past their previous limits and boundaries and try all sorts of fun new things, and a sissy on the edge is just so much fun to play with. You should try some restricted orgasms and edging to see how it feels for you!

Have you played with orgasm denial for sissies?

Mistress Harper loves Orgasm Control for Sissies 800 6017259 Let’s start out by setting our terms so we can all be on the same page. Orgasm denial is exactly what you think it is. You don’t get to cum. Now, everything else that might lead up to orgasm is still on the table, depending on how extreme you want to make our game. Stroking, touching, rubbing, teasing your ass, playing with your prostate, nipples, and more, all still available! Extreme edging and orgasm denial can really ramp up your lust and horny feelings, but if you’d rather go directly to chastity do not touch your sissy clit, that’s fine too! We can deny the entire gamut of sexual games and leave you utterly without any form of stimulation or release. But no matter what, if you ask for orgasm denial, that’s what you’re (not) getting!

Why would anyone want to be denied?

There are many reasons why someone would say to themselves “y’know, I want to be utterly controlled and denied today”,  but the basic reasoning is that someone wants to feel controlled. There’s something reassuring for a submissive person about having someone else step in and take over. The fastest and easiest way to instantly feel controlled, owned, and out of control is to submit sexually. And sexual submission often involves controlling the orgasm. Orgasm denial for sissies just combines the control and limitations of a denial game with the humiliation and desire for feminization. Sissies enjoy being denied because it can make them feel owned, and like someone cares about them enough to be concerned about their sissy clit and state of desire.

What’s the benefit to sissies in particular with orgasm denial games?

Sissies that haven’t had a chance to play dress up or otherwise release some of their urges and desires in a while can find themselves feeling antsy and extra eager to go have some fun. The same can happen with a sissy that’s been denied the chance to cum! While this state of feeling on edge and aroused can be a little distracting and difficult to settle into for sissies who haven’t been restricted before, once they get used to the sensations, it becomes very useful and positive. A sissy that has had their orgasms denied and restricted can refocus all that energy towards being a better sissy. Nothing beats a sissy maid in chastity for speed in cleaning and organizing the entire kitchen! And a sissy that can’t cum until they’ve sucked five hundred cocks at the glory hole becomes the most eager and slutty cock sucker you’ve ever seen! This is why orgasm denial and restriction is such a useful tool for the Mistress’ toolkit when training sissies.

Ready to try some light orgasm restriction, sissy?

Don’t worry, we don’t have to start you out with full time chastity, but maybe a little restriction would be good for you. Help you focus, bring your attention in line with where it needs to be, and otherwise redirect your desires towards really pleasing your Mistress through a little orgasm denial. If you’re on the edge of a sissy purge, try using orgasm restriction to limit and control the urge to purge! And, if you’ve found that lately your fantasies and sissy-gasms aren’t as much overwhelming fun as they used to be, that’s a sign that some restriction is in order. You can contact your favorite Mistress and ask for help creating an orgasm denial plan, or just give me a call, because denying sissies is a hobby of mine!

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