Goddess Rachel has the scoop on sissy fashion for Fall! 1-800-356-6169Hello gurls! We here in the Enchantrix Empire want to provide all the guidance We can to help you feel your sissy best! That includes keeping you informed of the latest in sissy fashion!

What’s “sissy fashion”?

Well, there are different types of sissies, right? It only makes sense that different looks will suit different sissies best! No matter what your feminization goals may be, whether to be as passable as possible, to attract men, or to experience the thrill of humiliation, there are fashion choices you can make that will help!

Don’t get Me wrong–you can wear whatever femme attire you like, no matter what kind of sissy you are. But if you want to dress to look your best, all while staying warm and on trend, I’m here to tell you how!

So take a look at some Goddess Rachel-curated suggestions for how you can be feminized and fashion forward all at the same time! I’m going to tell you about the trends and which sissies they’re best for, as well as leave you with a little shopping assignment at the end!

Sound like fun?

Let’s go, gurls!


Oversized Knits


This Autumn and Winter are slated to be warmer and drier than usual where I am, but it’s bound to get chilly enough in most places for sweater weather! And this season, oversized knits are in!

Goddess Rachel has the scoop on sissy fashion for Fall! 1-800-356-6169

This look involves three of the sissy fashion trends noted in this post. Tell Me in the comments which they are!

This trend will be useful and a relief to most gurls who find it hard to experience sissy euphoria because they don’t feel they’re passable enough. A great big sweater camouflages a lot!

If you’re worried that a great big sweater won’t be feminine enough, or that you’ll look dumpy and frumpy, take advantage of the one feature that most men have no matter how their body is shaped: long, toned legs!

Think about it–have you ever seen a man, regardless of size, who had fat legs? I bet rarely!

Concerned about broad shoulders? You’re in luck! The off-the-shoulder look is in style, too! And it’s fairly easy to find!

Picture the look: a roomy sweater that extends down to about mid-thigh, thick tights, pantyhose, or stockings, or thin leggings for that matter. Finish off that look with super-femme seasonal boots or heels!

Statement boots are another trend this year, by the way, especially My favorite kind–over the knee! You’ll look both cute, and comfy.

You sissy sluts will also stay warm in those back seats when sucking cock on a quickie hook-up!


Super Femme Sissy Fashion: BOWS!


Are you the type of sissy so devoted to feminization that you even read the fashion magazines? If you are, this past spring you might have seen that rosettes were the thing! This Fall and Winter have good news for those of you gurls who like an even more on-the-nose expression of classic femme archetypes: bows!

A great big one at the small of your back to attach a sash. A small sparkly bow-shaped barrette. A detail on your purse or shoes. No matter the size or where you sport it, if you like bows, you’re in luck!

I know the classic frilly sissy style is full of bows! But I’m going to challenge you gurls who like satin and crinolines and big puffy sleeves to take this element of sissy fashion and pair it with another that doesn’t necessarily involve a singular article of clothing, but rather, an idea: less is more.

It’s okay if you end up fleeing back to the satin party dress, but just give it a try! Try a more understated feminine garment, like a simpler dress, and experiment with bows as accents and accessories! You might just find you get the same over-the-top sissy feel with a less-overt presentation!

But, if you like “overt”, you’ll like this next trend:


All red everything!


Goddess Rachel has the scoop on sissy fashion for Fall! 1-800-356-6169

They didn’t say anything about bows in hairstyles, but seriously, how sissy is THIS?

Are you a sissy siren? Let your sissy fashion shout about it, then, by dressing in red from head to toe!

I used to consider red a power color. Because of that, I would discourage My sissies from wearing it, preferring that they stick to pastels. But as lines in femme expression continue to blur, My stance has softened. I’ve been seeing a lot more sissies dressed in all-red lingerie sets, and you know what? It suits them!

So, if you love red, wear it! Cocksucker red isn’t just a lipstick shade!

A couple of caveats, though: red can be less than flattering to some figures. Rounder gurls may want to emphasize other trends, lest they end up looking a bit tomato-y. And red also doesn’t work the best with every complexion. So if you try something on and you don’t think it suits you, whether you look washed out or like you’re about to spontaneously combust, trust your instincts! It could also be a matter of picking the right shade of red, so don’t give up hope if you’ve got your heart set on this trend!


Take a look!


The above are just a few of the fashion trends this season! And different sources might include different trends! These are just the ones I found.

I didn’t even begin to look into the trends in makeup and feminine hair!

So this leads Me to your assignment.

Click the banner below to hear how Goddess Rachel wants you to explore sissy fashion as the weather gets chilly! Arguably, it’s the best season to do it, given its amenability to different fabrics, techniques like layering, and accessories like scarves and tights and jackets!

Think about what you want to feel when sissified, and go for it!



Goddess Rachel, your Sissy Fashion Personal Shopper!

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