If you didn’t go sissy shopping for your lingerie and girly clothes before Halloween, you are missing out! Let’s get the ball rolling so you can really enjoy some sissification!

Size Up the Situation

First of all, before you go sissy shopping, you must figure out what size women’s clothing you wear, from panties all the way down to shoes for your sissy outfits. You also need to figure out what breast size you want to be. There are all sorts of sites online telling you how to measure to fit a bra, or what size pantyhose you may need. (I do recommend pantyhose if you are a first-timer, so you have less to worry about!).

Stockings for a sissy are a nice touch though, and if they fit the look you are going for, by all means, go for it! If you are worried that they will roll down, or slide, well then get yourself a sexy garter belt that matches the bra and panty set you are getting! You will need a soft measuring tape, or a piece of string, and a ruler. The string would need to be long enough to go around your waist and around your chest below your nipples. Then you proceed to measure yourself at the chest and waist. Obviously, I can help you find the size charts in session, or with the paid email package, but it’s also something you can do on your own with some dedication! There are even charts that convert men’s shoe sizes to women’s shoe sizes!


Ready to go Sissy Shopping

Now that you’ve got your notepad full of your sizes, it’s time to go sissy shopping! One of the first things you must realize is women’s clothing sizes often make no sense at all. Seriously! So, you will be looking at different sizes for potentially the same thing, such as skirts. You’d think that a simple waist measurement would give you a size, but no! Not at all. Once you’ve explored all the size charts you could find, you also must decide if you lean towards what America thinks is “plus-sized”. Just a quick Google search tells me a plus size is either 12, 14, or 18. Go to the shop or brand page for the articles you are looking for, and see what you find. One fun site to shop on is Shein. They have a plus-size selection, with lots of fun patterns and designs. Torrid is also a great place if you need a larger size. Each place also sells lingerie. In addition, you can be smaller than plus size and enjoy each shop! So, if that’s all you are ready for, online sissy shopping is more user-friendly than mall sissy shopping.


Going Out Sissy Shopping

If you are taking the leap to go to a mall or boutique, bring your little cheat sheet along, unless you’ve been able to memorize your sizes. Remember, if you are getting breast forms, make sure you get the correct cup size when you select your bras. But if you are going for a very large breast, Lane Bryant has some great colors and styles and goes all the way up to K in cup size.

Another thing you should be mindful of is not everyone who works in sales is going to be helpful to you when you go sissy shopping. It’s an unfortunate truth. You have options if you are in a chain store, ask for the manager, if you are able. Of course, If you are a feisty fighter, go to corporate and lodge complaints. For those of you who are non-confrontational, just stay calm and remember sometimes people suck. The positive thing, though, is you have done your homework, and done the research, so you know exactly what sizes you are looking for! You may not need anyone’s help at all! You can walk in with your head held high, browse around until you find the right area of the store, and begin your sissy shopping! Shop with sissification Mistress Stephanie and do some sissy shoppng

More than anything I want you to enjoy sissy shopping. You have every right to dress however you want and shop wherever you want. If you need to, you can take me with you on the phone while you shop! We can Skype! If you aren’t ready or able to shop publicly, then we can browse websites together, or share links back and forth in a text session. Whichever the case, I want you to be well-prepared to take this step. I believe with your Mistress’s help, you can be on your way to sissification!

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