Hello, submissive feminization fans today we are going to talk about the benefits of including sissy affirmations in your training. Some of you may already use them already, so posts can serve as inspiration for you. For others who don’t know about the benefit of submissive affirmations focused on feminization, I’m opening up a whole new world for you! it’s true that we can feel differently than what we present to the world. We can manifest the feelings we want to experience.  However, I understand that sometimes there are real roadblocks that keep you from imbibing your feminity, or your submission as much as you might like. That’s where affirmations come in. They are intimate, impactful, and help you connect to your submissive feminine nature!

Creating Affirmations

Creating affirmations should capture your style and goals. Keep them simple, and easy to remember. For today’s lesson on affirmations, I have had some of my delicious pets share theirs for your consumption. Use them as inspiration for your own affirmations. Keep in mind, that I can also help you with affirmations! Since affirmations can be sexy affirmations, confidence building, or behavior modification they are custom to you and your goals. If we already know each other then it will be easy for me to help, if you are new to me I’ll need a few minutes to get to know you, your journey, desires, and goals!

Are Affirmations Always A Positive Message

Although affirmations are generally thought of as something positive, to help relieve that tension and stress and keep you focused, there is something to be said about affirmations and discipline. I know that no one is perfect, I don’t expect perfection, I expect excellence. Therefore when you make an error, a penance must be paid. To help discipline and train you brain to be a better submissive. So there are times when affirmations are meant to humble you and remind you of your place and need to improve.

Submissive Feminization Affirmations

This is a humbled affirmation, used to remind her of her failing Mistress and was a part of her penance

I dedicate this day to being more submissive and obedient.
Through shame and suffering, I offer myself to my Mistress to purge me of my ego and selfish desires.
Submitting and surrendering control to Mistress makes me a stronger, more caring more resilient, and more successful person.

This particular pet is best motivated by suffering for my pleasure, so this affirmation focuses on their submissive suffering.

Submissive Feminization affirmations 18+By suffering I submit myself to Mistress. It is OK to love the sensation, but do not lose sight of the purpose, which is to strip away false ego and nurture submissive surrender.
Suffering is an act of devotion. Focus on how it pleases Mistress to make me suffer, not how much it hurts.
I will try to suppress my instinct for self-preservation and let Mistress decide how much suffering I can take.
Suffering for Mistress is not self-harm. It is self-improvement. I love it when Mistress hurts me because it is Mistress doing it and because it makes me better.

Feminization Chastity Affirmation

Being chaste and denied is not an end in itself. It is a way for Mistress to shape me as she wishes.
Being in chastity is not about a cage or device. Mistress controls how I touch my body, and it is a comfort and balm to surrender autonomy to her.
Being chaste means I do not need to know what Mistress will do with me. My only task is to obey and trust that whatever sensation, experience, pleasure, or suffering she directs is best.

Secret Feminization Affirmation

I start my day with feminine thoughts of being courteous and respectful to all, particularly other women
My eyes will adore and absorb feminine grace, and learn to move more femininely
My ears will hear the soft lilt of a feminine voice and my mind will sing when I emulate her.
I submit my mind and my body to the will of Mistress to best create her most perfect creature.

Feminization Simple Affirmation

Every day in every way I will strive to feel more feminine
Every day in every way I will become more feminine
Mistress is pleased and proud when I try my feminine best

Why Affirmations Work

Be it feminization affirmations, submissive affirmations, or general affirmations for everyday life helps you be mindful of your feminine side. They can help you focus, keep your mind on your goals, and provide stress relief! Affirmations are very popular, so much so we have a site dedicated to them. Masturbation Affirmation. ou can also look through the blogs there, to get some inspiration.

Affirmations are best done in a meditative style but can be done anywhere at any time. When I say meditative style, I mean in a quiet area or one with soothing white noise. I find I’m attracted to soft nature sounds, a babbling brook, birds tweeting off into the distance, or the rustle of leaves in the wind. You sit comfortably take a few cleansing breaths and repeat your affirmation, allowing the words to flow easily and softly in your mind, picturing them in your mind’s eye. Focusing on the words and their meanings and the silence or soft noise helps relieve stress and set you up for success!

Listen to the audio below for more information about affirmations, instructions on how to prepare, various “types” of delivery for affirmations, and of course, my sexy voice repeating affirmations!

Are You Ready For Your Submissive Feminine Affirmation? We can do it live in session, texting, or your very own custom erotic audio.

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