Sissy podcasts are so much fun and so very popular! Hi gurlie crew, it’s Mistress Erika from Intelligent Phone Fantasy bringing you nothing but sissy joy and some of our hottest sissy episodes of 2023! Olivia and I have so much fun with our gals, from panty sissies, service sissies to the bodacious sissy sluts! I invite you to listen in, perhaps learn a thing or two, and have some laughs! I do have a very important task for you, so read to the end!

This is a common question, not only with sissy play but for many other kinky desires, including submissive play. So much of our advice can be applied with a broader brush. We also talk about sissy-specific challenges. Some of the discussion is about sissy-specific issues and some advice will apply to anyone who is a submissive trying to change a partner who isn’t already into kink, fetish, or gender play. The first question to consider is: “Does your wife or girlfriend WANT to be your Mistress?” If you think she might be willing to explore Bing your Domme you’ll hear some tips about how to talk about your sissy desires with her.

Typically Masturbation May talk is all about the cock, at the Empire. How we can tease torment or just have some fun enjoying (for many of you) your favorite pastime. Masturbating! Although some sissy gurls find it more erotic, or more humiliating to be reminded that she has a cock, and not a divine pussy, for the most part, our sissy gurls have been left out! We remedy that shortfall with a fun look at Masturbation May Sissy style!

Bras and bra fittings are often a topic in session with all styles of Feminization and that includes sissy! In this episode we answer a few of the listener’s questions about bra fittings breast forms, and what might be best for you.

Did you know Mistress Olivia used to work in a luxury lingerie salon and used to do bra fittings? Hold on, wait. Don’t run with that fantasy yet, check out the episode first, and THEN you can dream of Olivia greeting you for your sissy bra fitting.

We are back to answering your questions about sissy sex and how to prepare. First, we are thrilled you are taking a thoughtful approach to your sissy intimate journey. We would love to help you with all things sissy when it comes to preparing you, not only mentally but physically for your sissy sex adventure.  Olivia and I discuss learning from the internet, watching porn, and experiencing on your own and how training with a Mistress is what you could benefit from.

Sissy Olivia, a fan of the podcast reached out by email and asked about the challenges of solo sissy play. Staying motivated, pushing those boundaries. Admittedly, without a partner or a Mistress to provide that motivation, and push your boundaries it is a challenge! Olivia and I have some great suggestions, including finding a safe and sane community to share and help motivate you. Hell, if you are a fan of the podcast you have one option right

So Many More Great Sissy Podcast Episodes

I wanted to give you a sampling of some of my favorite chats with Olivia with you. I trust one of the subjects on this page ignited you into action and listening in! If a topic you want to hear about isn’t here, check out the entire lineup at cock radio (speaker). Now here is your assignment/task. Is there a sissy episode we haven’t covered or covered in a long time? Let me know. Listen in on one of the podcasts for my email address, as we always mention it during the show! Oh, I guess that’s two tasks! You’re welcome, two free sissy tasks, courtesy of me, Mistress Erika. Come and visit me over at Intelligent Phone Fantasy.

Until We Play, stay fem!
Your Sissyville Mistress,

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