The plight of the submissive sissy is not a kind one. You’re all really rowing upstream against a current that just gets faster and deeper every day, aren’t you? Between pressure to be properly masculine with all that entails to concerns about your relationship and how your loved ones will react to you, it’s a wonder sissies aren’t just puddles of anxiety and tears all the time. That’s why submissive sissies need Mistress Domination; you need sissy guidance, the firm direction, and someone outside of yourself to shoulder a little of the blame for why you’re wearing panties and lipstick.

Mistress Domination for Submissive Sissies

Mistress Harper Loves SissiesThe role of a Mistress is to take the blame for all the terrible, perverted, awful sexual things she ‘makes’ a sissy do for her. It’s not your fault that you’re wearing panties while blushing and clearly aroused, making such an obscene bulge in that lacy thong, with a dripping wet spot clear as day. You’re not to blame for the fact that you keep on remembering how you knelt in front of her boyfriend and opened your mouth and let him do those things, those terrible perfect things. It’s not your fault that you can’t stop remembering and thinking about it and wondering when it’s going to happen again. Blame your Mistress. She’s the one who told you to do it, gave you no real option other than obedience, and laughed when you came in your underwear. It’s her fault. Her and that wily Mistress Domination voodoo of hers!

Masculine Men with Submissive Desires

Everyone knows that real men don’t sniff panties and then put them on. Men are supposed to work hard and watch the ball game and maybe mow the grass on the weekends. Men are on top, in the bedroom, and real men fuck. Real men don’t idly finger their own ass open while jerking off to daydreams of sucking a stranger’s cock. Therefore, you can’t do that, you can’t wear panties because you’re a real man. You can’t play with your ass because you’re very masculine and manly. Unless you find some sort of excuse, some plausibly deniable line of bullshit that absolves you of the blame. Real men fuck, but you want to be fucked. You want to be bent over and used like a slut and a cum dumpster and have an orgasm pulled out of you so strong you can’t see afterward, much less walk. So here’s your excuse: Mistress dominated me into agreeing to it, and it’s all her fault.

Blame Mistress

You can blame your Mistress for everything that you wind up doing. You didn’t want it, you ‘had to’ do it, she insisted! It’s all Mistress’ fault that you’re wearing a frilly pink dress with petticoats and jingly bells on your shoes. Trying to balance in heels and little socks with the lace trim, ridiculous huge bow in your hair and a collar with a tag that says “Property of Mistress”, simpering like a slut in some sissy humiliation scenario. You can blame Mistress and her dominance for your current predicament, but deep down inside you know that this is everything you’ve wanted and dreamed of ever since the first time you even looked at a pair of girly panties. Your Mistress is just a convenient excuse and bulwark against the vicious slings and arrows of judgment and ridicule (even your own interior judgment and self ridicule.)

Ready To Admit Your Desires, Sissy?

You have all these submissive sissy desires, and the only way you can get those met is with a dominant Mistress’ help. At some point just masturbating all alone to the mere idea of being dominated and made to dress up isn’t going to cut it any more. Your needs will build up and up, putting pressure on yourself, until you either explode and out yourself to your loved ones or sit down and give me a call. Guess which option is safer for you? And significantly more fun, too. Here, since you need the excuse: Sissy, I command you to call me and admit that you need to be dominated and transformed into a sissy. Now it’s not your fault! You’re welcome.


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Your Sissy Mistress, Harper

XOXO, Harper

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