The Enchantrix Empire is buzzing with excitement about our sissy pageant, and I’m sure if you are here you are too! This is our way to let anyone express their feminine side, and I’m sure if you are entering you may want to know the best way to approach it. So I’m here with some very simple and proactive sissy tips to impress us!

Biggest Tip: Be Yourself!

The biggest sissy tip I can give you, is to be yourself. That is how you really stand out, but putting your best self out there. Don’t think of this as a competition, think about it as a showcase! You are going to be presenting your beautiful femme self to us. Be comfortable with what you wear, and style for us. This is an event to have fun, so it’s ok to be a little silly if that’s your style. If all we get is prim and proper I myself would find it lacking authenticity. I want to see your personality shine through. It’s so easy to over think these things, that’s why my sissy tip is don’t do that. Consider it as showing off your own true self to some gal pals. That only wants to encourage and inspire you, because that is the truth. The sissy pageant is for you to have fun and express yourself to all those that really enjoy having you here with us.

Sissy Tip: Speak From The Heart

Now in addition to your submissions there is a questionnaire to be filled out. Again don’t over think, just read the question and let your heart speak for itself. All you have to do is be truthful, don’t shorten your answers to just a sentence. Give us more, let us get a true glimpse into your true feelings. Everyone is different when it comes to their feminine side which means you are unique. I for one am excited to see that uniqueness shine through in your answers. It’s very plausible when you open up the question with the excitement buzzing inside you that your heart with me a flutter, perhaps even pounding. Just take some deep breaths and remember you are loved and accepted. Your thoughts and feelings are valid and this is a safe space to share them.

Picking Your Submissions

Now you are only allowed a few submissions of pictures for the pageant but I advise you to set aside some time and take plenty of pictures. Make it a fun time for yourself. Now you won’t be able to submit them all but think of it this way. You will have a bunch in the little portfolio you just made to really scope out the ones that make you the most happy. Which of the pictures did you take that really highlight you! Pick the ones that encapsulate what we are requesting while also showing your true beauty. Let yourself try different outfits, poses, and even lighting. Taking pictures can be very fun when you just relax and have a good time with it. You don’t want to be stiff, or looking uncomfortable. You want to be you. And I’ve been preaching that a lot in this article as you have noticed I’m sure. However I mean it, you will have a lot more fun if your main focus is doing this for yourself.

Sissy Pageant Is Going On Now

Now that I have talked about some good sissy tips for going into this event with us. I should probably show you where to find all the details, shouldn’t I? Well all you have to do is click here and it will take you right where you wanna be. Read the rules thoroughly and carefully so you don’t accidentally break any. Then when you are ready remember my sissy tips and get your submissions in, as well as the few brief questions we need from you. I’m really looking forward to seeing you! Now go forth and be beautiful and happy!  


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