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CALL 800-356-6169

 There you are, dressed in your sexy lingerie, and you’ve even found a gorgeous little dress and 4″ heels to match … after you put on a face full of makeup, you decide that something is still missing … hmm, what could it be?

Your hair, of course!  You don’t want to ruin your girly clothes and lovely makeup by going out with a boy’s hairstyle, now do you?  That’s why I’m sending my sissy boys and girls wig shopping!  If you already have long, luscious locks, then you’ve earned yourself a trip to the salon for some pampering (doesn’t a trim and a conditioning treatment sound delightful?).

Now some of my sissy friends with short hair might be able to pull off a pixie cut or hair extensions, so grab a blow dryer, some mousse, and a bottle of leave-in conditioner, and feel free to play around a bit with your natural hair and see what works.  Still, none of these things are quite like having a head full of gorgeous hair.  Can’t you just imagine yourself twirling the ends and playing with your locks as you flirt with some hot guy, or what about how sexy it looks having the wind blow through your hair?

Grab the yellow pages and look for a salon or retailer that sells wigs.  Don’t be shy-call these places in advance, and explain that you are a sissy girl looking for a new ‘do.  I’m sure these places cater to all sorts of men and women.  You can also find great wigs online.  Just imagine…you can go platinum blond like Christina Aguilera, red hot like Rose McGowan, or soft, brunette, and wavy like J Lo.  Or hey, you can try them all!

I’d love to see pictures of your new hairstyle, so make sure you take some pics and share them with the other Mistresses and I here at Sissyville!  And, as always, you can call us for shopping tips and advice. 

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