Do you know how to be a sissy? I know you’ve probably read all sorts of porn about the sissy fetish, but do you have any idea how to actually do all the stuff that sissies do? Let’s explore all the aspects of being a sissy, and get into exactly how you’re going to go about becoming the best possible version of your sissy self that you can be.

How to be a Sissy:

Harper How To Be A Sissy 800 601 7259Just like the Bodhisattva Path, the first step on the path is to intend to walk the path. So congrats, if you want to be a sissy, you already are! Your sissy nature is begining-less and everlasting, no matter what else you may be doing or embodying at any given point in time. You’re already there, sissy. From here on out, it’s a question of details and minutiae, but, really, you’re already a perfectly fine sissy right now.

That said, if you really want to be a good girl for your Mistress…

I always start my sissies from the skin out. This means all that body hair has to go. You can choose to shave, use a depilatory cream, or have yourself waxed from the eyebrows down, but no matter what method you go for, the hair has to go. Have you ever seen a truly hairy sissy in all that sissy porn you love to watch? No? There’s a reason. Step Two of How to be a Sissy is to Get Thee To A Salon! Have the hair removed by a professional because they’ll be faster at it than you are, with access to better tools, and they’ll also be able to slather you in sweet smelling lotion afterward to make certain your skin is silky smooth and sleek.

Next up on the checklist: Sissy Panties.

Whether you’ve borrowed panties in the past, or actually did go and buy yourself some pretty lingerie, you need some nice sexy sissy panties at this stage of the process. While you’re at it, why not grab a matching bra?! Fancy lingerie really perks up my day, so I know it’ll perk up yours, too. Go for a matching bra and panty set, and maybe toss some body spray and a cute lip gloss in your shopping cart while you’re at it. Remember to check to make sure you’re wearing the right size bra, and that your panties aren’t so tight they’ll cut off circulation. And, for my pleasure, I recommend a bikini bottom with full coverage in the rear, because I love seeing a sissy prick trapped in silk.

I mentioned lip gloss, but let’s reiterate.

Tinted lip gloss is amazing. For all sissies interested in learning how to be a sissy, I recommend tinted, flavored lip gloss. You’ll look subtly sissy sexy, without setting off anyone’s overt ‘fag’ or ‘trap’ alarms the way a matte lip stick or lip stain would. Also, every time you unthinkingly lick your lips, you’ll taste the gloss and be reminded that you are a sissy.

Remember: You already are a sissy!

Harper October Mistress Of The Month October 2020 8006017259You wanted to learn, and now you know: you already are a sissy. Everything from this point out is just details and frills. Panties, lip gloss, even cute sissy outfits are all gilding the lily that is the sissy you really are. But, if you want to be a very good sissy, listen to this audio and do what I tell you to do in it! Sissies are, first and foremost, obedient.

I am your October 2020 Mistress of the Month!

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Your Sissy Instructor, Mistress Harper

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