Perfecting Your StrutA Disappointed Mistress

So, as ordered in my last assignment you went out and bought yourself a new pair of high heels (read my sissy heels assignment if you haven’t already). I’m very disappointed because I did not hear from ANY of you on your adventures. I was so looking forward to that.  It gets me so hot and wet to know that you went out and humiliated yourselves because Miss Sonali told you to. No matter…you’ll all pay later! I just love taking a sissy over my knee and using my “BITCH” paddle on her.


Perfecting Your Strut

So now that you’ve got those stiletto heels home, what are you going to do with them? You could call your beautiful phone sex Mistress and worship them while you pretend I’m wearing them, but that would be a waste. No, I think you should put them on and go out dressed as a sissy! Of course you have absolutely no idea how to walk in stilettos, do you? That’s okay. Miss Sonali will help you with perfecting your strut. Funny as it would be to watch you falling all over the room like a newborn filly just learning to walk, having you hurt yourself wouldn’t be funny. Having me hurt you on the other hand – totally a different thing. All sissies need assignments and discipline.


What’s Next?

Those skyscraper stiletto heels are so transformative. They add length and definition to your legs and make them all sexy. And once you’ve perfected your strut? Well, every man will be watching your ass swaying suggestively from side to side.

First things first, always walk heel-to-toe. Walking toe-to-heel or flat footed is going to look – well, like you’re a man. We want that strut to be feminine. It’ll also give you more balance. Also, take small steps. Maybe we should add a nice leather hobble skirt to your wardrobe, or put you in a pair of ankle cuffs. Now once you’ve mastered the short, heel-to-toe step, we can add some moves so you’ll get a signature strut. Now – and here is where my foot sluts are going to start salivating – watch how real women walk in their heels. Notice how they walk along a line? Don’t walk like a man – with your feet out on both sides of your body. Swing your hips to have your feet follow a path right down the center of your body. That’s how you strut! That’s what’s going to give your ass that nice wiggle! Practice, practice, practice. Before you know it, the boys will be drooling over you and wanting to use your pretty little mouth and your tight little ass !




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