Slutty Sissy Anniversary

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Guess what, slutty sissy?

You may not be aware, slutty sissy, but you and I have an anniversary cumming up! I hope you have a nice little crossdresser party dress ready to celebrate; you and I are going out on the town!

I’m not sure who will enjoy this night more: me, you, or all the boys you’re going to be entertaining with that pretty little mouth of yours.

That’s right, you’re going to be extra naughty for your mistress.

Put on your pretty pink sissy panties (you know, the one with the ruffles and little rhinestones), your silky stockings, that garter belt that frames your pretty bottom oh so well, that naughty short skirt that “accidentally” shows too much when you bend over, and those slutty high heels that make your bottom wiggle when you walk.


Don’t forget that lipstick that screams “candy mouth!”

I have some candy for you, little slut. You’re going to like the suckers I let you unwrap. Cum here, hold out your hand and open your mouth while I show you.

Ooh, I’ll bet your little clitty is paying attention now, isn’t it?

Oh, you’re such a bad sissy cock sucker! I’m going to get you into gobs (and gobs and gobs) of trouble tonight!


You love gobs of trouble, I know.

I remember how tentative you were a year ago. Why, you were barely able to admit that you thought about cock all the time. You whispered to me about those pathetic little videos you watched online that made your sissy clitty ache to feel a real, live, throbbing man meat. Suddenly your little plastic playthings no longer satisfied your need.


You’ve cum a long way, baby!

And now we celebrate. Because I’m so proud of you, I want to spend some time alone with you, just you and me. As my gift to you, you may spend 10 minutes on the phone with me completely free. Tell me all about your naughty adventures, or have me use you as only I can, or whatever your little sissy heart desires.

The only requirement is that you be a current LDW customer (you must have spent time with one of our beautiful mistresses on the phone in the past).

My featured mistress day is Friday, March 8, from midnight until 6 am, and then again from 6 pm until 11:59 pm (eastern).

Talk to you then, slutty sissy!


For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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